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Gonzales (also known as Chilly Gonzales) is an MC-meets-keyboarding-producer-meets-singer-extraordinaire. At a young age, Gonzales was introduced to the piano by his parents and overachieving brother. Using the instrument as an avenue of self-expression, he quickly advanced into the production realm. Through his Hollywood-based older brother, Gonzales wrote music for soundtracks under various aliases. Though born in Canada, the artist took up residence in Europe, mainly in Germany or France, just after signing to Kitty-Yo. Known for his often comical live shows complete with MCing, Gonzales branched off into singing with Kitty-Yo labelmate Peaches in 2000 for the single "Red Leather." His debut full-length, 2000's Gonzales Uber Alles, was followed later that year by The Entertainist. Touring and collaborating with Peaches brought both artists more renown, with the press nicknaming the duo the Bonnie and Clyde of Prankster Rap. Gonzales stepped back into the studio and recorded 2002's Presidential Suite, but moved from Berlin to Paris during 2003 and inaugurated a co-production relationship with Renaud Letang (Manu Chao). He was also instrumental in the production of Feist's award-winning Let It Die, having toured with her and recorded songs from an early demo stage. Gonzales and Letang also recorded with French pop royalty, including Jane Birkin (her 2004 duets album Rendez-Vous) and Charles Aznavour (sessions eventually canceled by Aznavour), as well as Christophe Willem. When Gonzales returned to his own career in 2005, he issued what was easily the most distinctive record of his career, Solo Piano, which found him performing 16 themes (for left-hand accompaniment and right-hand melody) and asserting the influence of French impressionists Erik Satie and Maurice Ravel. In 2008, he released an album on Mercury titled Soft Power, an album of assured piano-led pop that channeled the production gloss of '70s and '80s pop/rock. Two years later, after piano battles with Andrew W.K. and a stint with the German rap group Puppetmastaz, and setting a Guinness world record for the longest solo piano performance in history (27 hours), he recorded Ivory Tower, the soundtrack to a film he co-wrote with Céline Sciamma, directed by Puppetmastaz's Adam Traynor. The film included appearances by Gonzales, Peaches, Feist, and Tiga (the latter of whom played Gonzales' brother in the film). Gonzales has also popped up on several albums by Jamie Lidell. A second volume of solo piano, appropriately titled Solo Piano II, followed in 2012. More piano material arrived in 2014, in the form of Re-Introduction Etudes, an album and book of basic piano instruction designed for novice players who gave piano up and were looking to return to the instrument. In 2015, Gonzales released Chambers, an album recorded in tandem with the Kaiser Quartett that took the melodic structures of contemporary pop and translated them to the style of chamber music. ~ Diana Potts
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  1.   Song
  2.   The Worst MC by Chilly Gonzales
  3.   Different Kind of Prostitute by Chilly Gonzales
  4.   Past Your Bedtime
  5.   Gogol
  6.   Supervilain Music by Chilly Gonzales
  7.   The Tourist
  8.   Concerto in E Minor
  9.   Let's Ride
  10.   Carnivalse
  11.   Apology
  12.   Modalisa
  13.   Gonna Get off Right Away
  14.   Erotobot by Chilly Gonzales
  15.   Cover Him With Love by Chilly Gonzales
  16.   You Are by Chilly Gonzales
  17.   Gringo Star by Chilly Gonzales
  18.   Real Motherf***in' Music by Chilly Gonzales
  19.   Chilly in F Minor by Chilly Gonzales
  20.   Feedom
  21.   1000 Faces feat. Taylor Savvy & Max Turner
  22.   Self Portrait by Chilly Gonzales
  23.   Beans by Chilly Gonzales
  24.   Knight Moves
  25.   Cucurucucu paloma
  26.   I Am Europe
  27.   Fortunately, Unfortunately
  28.   Unrequited Love
  29.   Slow Down
  30.   Working Together
  31.   One Note at a Time
  32.   Basmati
  33.   Oregano
  34.   Salon Salloon
  35.   Overnight
  36.   Manifesto
  37.   Take Me to Broadway
  38.   You Snooze You Lose
  39.   Theme from In-Between
  40.   Singing Something
  41.   Home Movies
  42.   Chilly in D Minor by Chilly Gonzales
  43.   Mi corazon hace tic-tac
  44.   CM Blues
  45.   Let's Groove Again by Chilly Gonzales
  46.   Map of the World
  47.   Shut Up and Play the Piano by Chilly Gonzales
  48.   The Worst MC
  49.   Insanity
  50.   Paristocrats
  51.   Let's Groove Again
  52.   Bermuda Triangle
  53.   Chilly in F Minor
  54.   C Major
  55.   Love Scene/Higher Than You
  56.   Walked for Hours by Chilly Gonzales
  57.   Party In My Mind by Chilly Gonzales
  58.   Rap Race by Chilly Gonzales
  59.   Bongo Monologue by Chilly Gonzales
  60.   Dot
  61.   Love Scene by Chilly Gonzales
  62.   Gentle Threat
  63.   You Are featuring Sticky
  64.   Clarinets by Chilly Gonzales
  65.   Chilly in B Minor by Chilly Gonzales
  66.   Meischeid
  67.   Armellodie
  68.   Return of the Sugar Plum Fairy
  69.   Who Want To Hear This? by Chilly Gonzales
  70.   Why Don't We Disappear? by Chilly Gonzales
  71.   Dans Tes Yeux
  72.   Decisions
  73.   Variations on a Scheme

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