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Guitarists Infernus and Tormentor are the center of the Norwegian black metal outfit Gorgoroth, which took its name from the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. Despite numerous lineup changes, especially in the revolving-door rhythm section, Gorgoroth's basic, few-frills take on the trademark Norwegian sound remained fairly steady, and the group eventually managed to land an international deal with Nuclear Blast. The band's origins date back to 1993, the year its first demo was recorded; the original lineup featured vocalist Hat, bassist Kjettar, and drummer Goat Pervertor. Samoth, of Norwegian black metal legends Emperor, played bass on the group's official debut, Pentagram, which was released on the small Malicious label later that year. As the follow-up Antichrist was being recorded, various personnel turnovers ensued; by the time the dust settled and the album was released in 1995, vocalist Pest had joined up, Frost of Satyricon had temporarily taken over the drum post, and bassist Storm became part of the live lineup. For 1997's Under the Sign of Hell, bassist Ares (of Aeturnus) and drummer Grim (also of Borknagar) joined, and the latter was quickly replaced by another member of Aeturnus, Vrolok. Destroyer, Gorgoroth's first album for Nuclear Blast, appeared in 1998, featuring another guest appearance by Frost plus new bassist T-Reaper and guest synth player Daimonion. Nuclear Blast reissued the band's first three albums internationally in 1999; the following year, Gorgoroth returned with Incipit Satan, featuring vocalist Gaahl, bassist King Ov Hell, and drummer Sgt. Erichsen. ~ Steve Huey
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  1.   Song
  2.   Aneuthanasia
  3.   Crushing the Scepter (Regaining a Lost Dominion)
  4.   Krig
  5.   Gorgoroth
  6.   Building a Man
  7.   Prayer
  8.   Destroyer
  9.   Odeleggelse Og Undergang
  10.   The Devil, the Sinner and His Journey
  11.   A World to Win
  12.   Maaneskyggens Slave
  13.   Begravelsesnatt
  14.   Katharinas Bortgang
  15.   An Excert of X
  16.   Litani Til Satan
  17.   Sorg
  18.   Pa Slagmark Langt Mot Nord
  19.   Open the Gates
  20.   Satan-Prometheus
  21.   Human Sacrifice
  22.   Forces of Satan Storms
  23.   Fin Eim au Blod Og Helvetesild
  24.   Drõmmer Om Dõd
  25.   Blood Stains the Circle
  26.   The Virginborn
  27.   Revelation of Doom
  28.   Guldrelokk
  29.   Ritual
  30.   The Rite of Infernal Invocation
  31.   Teeth Grinding
  32.   Cleansing Fire
  33.   Postludium
  34.   Incipit Satan
  35.   The Devil Is Calling
  36.   Will to Power
  37.   Rebirth
  38.   Introibo Ad Alatare Satanas
  39.   En Stram Lukt Av Kristent Blod
  40.   Om Kristen Og Jödisk Tru
  41.   Funeral Procession
  42.   Profetens Upenbaring
  43.   Blodoffer
  44.   Pa Slagmark Langt Mot Poro
  45.   Domine in Virtute Tua Laetabitur Rex
  46.   Slottet I det Fjerne
  47.   Proclaiming Mercy-Damaging Instinct of Man
  48.   Of Ice and Movement
  49.   (Under) The Pagan Megalith
  50.   When Love Rages Wild in My Heart
  51.   Heaven's Fall
  52.   Unchain My Heart!!!
  53.   Exit-Through Carved Stones
  54.   Possessed (By Satan)
  55.   Blod Og Minne
  56.   Procreating Satan
  57.   Gergtrollets Hevn
  58.   New Breed
  59.   Im Kristen Og Jödisk Cru
  60.   Projetens Upenbaring
  61.   Life Eternal
  62.   Life Eternal
  63.   Wound Upon Wound
  64.   Carving a Giant
  65.   God Seed (Twilight of the Idols)
  66.   Sign of an Open Eye
  67.   White Seed
  68.   Exit
  69.   Untamed Forces
  70.   Prosperity and Beauty
  71.   Profetens Åpenbaring
  72.   [Bonus Material]
  73.   Craving a Giant
  74.   [CD-ROM Track]
  75.   [Untitled]
  76.   An Excerpt of X
  77.   OM Bristen Og Jodisk Tru
  78.   When Love Rages Wild
  79.   Untitled (Hidden Track)
  80.   Untitled (Hidden Track)
  81.   En Stram Lukt Ov Kristent Blod
  82.   Bergtrollets Heon
  83.   Possessed by Satan
  84.   Radix Malorum
  85.   Dionysian Rite
  86.   Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus
  87.   Come Night
  88.   Burn in His Light
  89.   Rage
  90.   Kala Brahman
  91.   Awakening