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Grizzly Bear

Growing from humble roots into one of the most acclaimed indie rock acts of the 2000s and 2010s, Grizzly Bear began as the home recording project of Boston-bred singer Edward Droste. Holed up in his Brooklyn apartment, he laid the groundwork for the band's otherworldly debut album on a small hand-held tape recorder. His homespun effort took on new life with the help of multi-instrumentalist Christopher Bear, a Chicago native who had worked in musical projects ranging from laptop electronica to free jazz. Bear added instrumentation and vocals to Droste's sonic blueprints, resulting in 2004's Horn of Plenty. To build a live show for the project, Bear recruited multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Taylor and guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Daniel Rossen. The band's first tours featured improvisations of Droste's early songs; later, they developed new material together, and Rossen began contributing songs of his own. In 2005, Grizzly Bear retreated to Cape Cod to record their first album as a quartet, Yellow House -- a tapestry of multi-layered harmonies, guitars, woodwinds, and electronics set to Droste's and Rossen's songs. Warp released the album in September of 2006. The Friend EP, which featured outtakes and alternate versions of songs as well as covers by Beirut, CSS, and Band of Horses, arrived in 2007. After touring with Radiohead in 2008, Grizzly Bear recorded their elaborate 2009 album Veckatimest at upstate New York's Allaire Studios. Named for an uninhabited island on Cape Cod, it featured collaborations with contemporary classical composer/conductor Nico Muhly, Beach House vocalist Victoria Legrand, the Acme String Quartet, and the Brooklyn Youth Choir. The album was a resounding success, debuting at number eight on the Billboard 200 and making the band a ubiquitous entry on year-end lists. Later that year, the band reunited with Legrand for "Slow Life," which appeared on the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: New Moon. They also contributed a pair of tracks -- "Deep Blue Sea" and the Feist collaboration "Service Bell" -- to the 2009 AIDS benefit album Dark Was the Night. Following this flurry of activity, Grizzly Bear went on hiatus. They reconvened in 2011 to begin work on their fourth album, but most of the tracks they recorded in Marfa, Texas were discarded. During this time, Taylor released Dreams Come True, his 2011 debut album as CANT, while Rossen issued the 2012 solo EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile. The group started fresh in 2012, returning to where they recorded Yellow House and taking a more collaborative songwriting approach. They released Shields that September and followed it a year later with a deluxe edition that included B-sides, remixes, and previously unreleased songs. After finishing the Shields tour, the members of Grizzly Bear once again went their separate ways. Rossen moved to upstate New York and worked on his own music; Droste, Bear, and Taylor landed in Los Angeles. Bear's projects included scoring work for the HBO TV series High Maintenance, while Taylor did production work for other artists and wrote the 2015 cookbook Twenty Dinners with his friend Ithai Schori. That year, Grizzly Bear began collaborating again, trading demos remotely and slowly working toward a set of new songs. Recorded at Allaire Studios and Hollywood's Vox Studios, as well as Taylor and Rossen's recording spaces, 2017's Painted Ruins paired wide-ranging lyrics with expansive arrangements in playful, rhythmically driven songs. ~ Bret Love
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Grizzly Bear

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Grizzly Bear

  1.   Song
  2.   Two Weeks
  3.   Knife
  4.   Yet Again
  5.   While You Wait for the Others
  6.   On a Neck, on a Spit
  7.   Sleeping Ute
  8.   Mourning Sound
  9.   Southern Point
  10.   Deep Blue Sea
  11.   Three Rings
  12.   Neighbors
  13.   Foreground
  14.   Four Cypresses
  15.   Don't Ask
  16.   Shift
  17.   All We Ask
  18.   Central and Remote
  19.   Little Brother
  20.   About Face
  21.   Gun-Shy
  22.   A Good Place
  23.   Ready, Able
  24.   Deep Sea Diver
  25.   Sun in Your Eyes
  26.   Service Bell
  27.   Granny Diner
  28.   Will Calls
  29.   Half Gate
  30.   What's Wrong?
  31.   A Simple Answer
  32.   Slow Life
  33.   Sure Thing
  34.   This Song
  35.   Alligator
  36.   Everyone I Know
  37.   Taken Down
  38.   The Hunt
  39.   Fragments
  40.   Owner of a Lonely Heart
  41.   Particular to What?
  42.   A Leader Always Carries a Stick
  43.   Hold Still
  44.   Dory
  45.   Knife by Atlas Sound
  46.   Plans
  47.   He Hit Me
  48.   Blackcurrrant Jam
  49.   Plans
  50.   Lullabye
  51.   Reprise
  52.   La Duchess Anne
  53.   Eavesdropping
  54.   Merge
  55.   Fix It
  56.   Campfire
  57.   [Untitled]
  58.   Sorry for the Delay
  59.   Disappearing Act
  60.   Smothering Green
  61.   Adelma
  62.   Speak in Rounds
  63.   I Live With You
  64.   Fine for Now
  65.   Cheerleader
  66.   Marla
  67.   Easier
  68.   Showcase
  69.   Colorado
  70.   August March
  71.   Listen and Wait
  72.   Wasted Acres
  73.   Losing All Sense
  74.   Aquarian
  75.   Cut-Out
  76.   Glass Hillside
  77.   Systole
  78.   Sky Took Hold

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