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Ha Ha Tonka

Indie rock band Ha Ha Tonka were formed in 2004 in Springfield, Missouri, by Brian Roberts (singer/guitarist), Lucas Long (bass, vocals), Brett Anderson (keyboards, guitar, vocals), and Lennon Bone (drums, vocals). Their first album as Ha Ha Tonka, Buckle in the Bible Belt, was actually a re-release from a time when they were known as Amsterband. Under that moniker, they released their debut CD, Beatchen, and toured extensively. In 2006, they followed with a second self-released album, Buckle in the Bible Belt. The next year, the quartet signed to independent Chicago-based label Bloodshot Records and decided on a name change, calling themselves Ha Ha Tonka after a state park in the Ozark Mountains in southwestern Missouri. Bloodshot re-released Buckle in the Bible Belt on September 11, 2007, as Ha Ha Tonka were in the midst of a tour of the Midwest. Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South appeared in 2009, garnering a good deal of critical praise, and was followed by Death of a Decade, produced by Kevin McMahon and the Ryantist, in 2011. The impressive and lightly orchestrated Lessons appeared in the fall of 2013. Ha Ha Tonka returned in 2017 with their fifth LP, Heart-Shaped Mountain. By this time, Lennon Bone had left the group, and Ha Ha Tonka recruited a new drummer, Mike Reilly, formerly of Hoots & Hellmouth. The group also brought aboard multi-instrumentalist James Cleare, who'd previously worked with the Spring Standard. ~ William Ruhlmann & Neil Z. Yeung
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Ha Ha Tonka

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Ha Ha Tonka

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Ha Ha Tonka

  1.   Song
  2.   St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor
  3.   Usual Suspects
  4.   Walking on the Devil's Backbone
  5.   Made Example Of
  6.   Hold My Feet to the Fire
  7.   Colorful Kids
  8.   Caney Mountain
  9.   Arkansas
  10.   You Lit Up the Night
  11.   Giant Strides
  12.   Synthetic Hearts
  13.   Jesusita
  14.   Race to the Bottom
  15.   Staring at the End of Our Lives
  16.   Close Every Valve to Your Bleeding Heart
  17.   Dead Man's Hand
  18.   All With You
  19.   Up Nights
  20.   Terrible Tomorrow
  21.   Going That Way
  22.   Bully in the Pulpit
  23.   The Party
  24.   Lessons
  25.   Synthetic Love
  26.   Height of My Fears
  27.   Cureall
  28.   Favor
  29.   Land Beyond
  30.   Everything
  31.   Cold Forgiver
  32.   Rewrite Our Lives
  33.   American Ambition
  34.   1928
  35.   Westward Bound
  36.   The Humorist
  37.   Problem Solver
  38.   No Great Harm
  39.   Lonely Fortunes
  40.   Hide It Well
  41.   Death of a Decade
  42.   What Shepherds of These Hills?!
  43.   The Horse in Motion
  44.   Surrounded
  45.   So Quiet, They're Loud
  46.   Pendergast Machine
  47.   A Siege of Sorts
  48.   Gusto
  49.   Hangman
  50.   Thoreau in the Woods
  51.   Dead to the World
  52.   The Outpouring
  53.   Pied Pipers
  54.   Prove the World Wrong
  55.   This Is Not a Cure for the Common Cold
  56.   Falling In
  57.   The Past Has Arms
  58.   Word Climbing
  59.   Telluride
  60.   Arabella

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