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As the incomparable voice of thrashing beast Judas Priest, Rob Halford defined the role of the metal frontman. After his unamiable departure from the British juggernaut, Halford formed Fight with Priest drummer-come-lately Scott Travis. Fight released three powerful records, Halford straining to remain the masthead of the heavy rock movement he created. Two, a trendy electro-exercise with Trent Reznor, took two steps back on the misguided Voyeurs. Halford returned to his roots and formed a new unit, simply dubbed Halford, with guitarists Patrick Lachman and Mike Chlasciak, bassist Ray Riendeau, and drummer Bobby Jarzombek. Halford rebounded with his band at the turn of the century, releasing the aptly titled Resurrection, a no-nonsense manifesto from a true metal legend. Halford hit the road opening for disciples Queensrÿche and Iron Maiden before beginning a headlining tour, documented on Live Insurrection. In 2002, Crucible arrived quickly after their tour ended, even featuring two bonus tracks that were originally not going to be included. The following year, to the delight of Judas Priest fans, the band reunited with Halford on vocals, and the reinvigorated legends of metal released Angel of Retribution in 2005 and Nostradamus in 2008. During this time, Halford's solo project lay dormant. However, after nearly seven years, Rob Halford returned to recording under his surname in 2009, only to surprise fans by releasing a Christmas album titled Halford III: Winter Songs. Halford and company followed up the next year with Halford IV: Made of Metal, followed by the live recording/concert film Live at Saitama Super Arena in 2011. ~ Doug Stone
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  1.   Song
  2.   We Three Kings
  3.   Hell's Last Survivor
  4.   Crucible
  5.   One Will
  6.   Heretic
  7.   Savior
  8.   Oh Holy Night
  9.   Come All Ye Faithful
  10.   Made in Hell
  11.   Wrath of God
  12.   Slow Down
  13.   Sun
  14.   Cyber World
  15.   Fugitive
  16.   Into the Pit
  17.   Light Comes Out of Black
  18.   Diamonds and Rust
  19.   Handing Out Bullets
  20.   Prisoner of Your Eyes
  21.   Resurrection
  22.   Made of Metal
  23.   Heartless
  24.   Fire and Ice
  25.   I Don't Care
  26.   Drop Out
  27.   Forgotten Generation
  28.   Rock the World Forever
  29.   Trail of Tears
  30.   Weaving Sorrow
  31.   Golgotha
  32.   Screaming in the Dark
  33.   Breaking the Law
  34.   Metal Gods
  35.   Beyond the Realms of Death
  36.   Electric Eye
  37.   Hellion
  38.   Jawbreaker
  39.   Sad Wings
  40.   Saviour
  41.   The One You Love to Hate
  42.   Locked and Loaded
  43.   Till the Day I Die
  44.   God Bringer of Death
  45.   Night Fall
  46.   Green Manalishi with the Two-Pronged Crown
  47.   Undisputed
  48.   Twenty-Five Years
  49.   Like There's No Tomorrow
  50.   Thunder and Lightning
  51.   Matador
  52.   Hell Razor
  53.   The Mower
  54.   What Child Is This?
  55.   Light Of The World
  56.   Get Into The Spirit
  57.   Christmas For Everyone
  58.   Slow Down
  59.   Fetish
  60.   In the Morning
  61.   She
  62.   Hearts of Darkness
  63.   Betrayal
  64.   Heart of a Lion
  65.   Nailed to the Gun
  66.   Temptation
  67.   Silent Screams
  68.   Twist
  69.   Speed of Sound
  70.   We Own the Night
  71.   I Know We Stand a Chance
  72.   Winter Song
  73.   Genocide
  74.   Riding on the Wind
  75.   Drive
  76.   Tyrant
  77.   Life in Black
  78.   Running Wild
  79.   Oh Come O Come Emanuel
  80.   Crystal
  81.   War of Words
  82.   Never Satisfied
  83.   Painkiller
  84.   Rapid Fire
  85.   Victim of Changes
  86.   White Heat Red Hot
  87.   You've Got Another Thing Coming

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