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Haste The Day

The Indianapolis-based Christian metalcore band Haste the Day formed in 2001. Guitarist/vocalist Brennan Chaulk, his brother drummer Devin, and bassist/vocalist Mike Murphy originally gigged as a three-piece, but six months after the group's inception they added longtime friend Jason Barnes as a second guitarist, and after a series of auditions, named Jimmy Ryan their lead vocalist. After self-releasing That They May Know You in 2002, Haste the Day signed to the Tooth & Nail label's Solid State subsidiary to issue their breakthrough LP, Burning Bridges, in the spring of 2004. They spent the year on shows with bands like As I Lay Dying and Zao, and their next album, When Everything Falls, appeared the following summer. In late 2005, Ryan announced his pending marriage and quit the band, playing his last show with them that December. A few months later, the remaining members of Haste the Day added new vocalist Stephen Keech, formerly of New Day Awakening. Pressure the Hinges arrived in March 2007, and the guys supported it on dates with From Autumn to Ashes and Maylene & the Sons of Disaster. After touring, the band found the time to head into the studio with producer Andreas Magnusson (who also produced albums for the Black Dahlia Murder and Sleeper) and began working on new material. The result was Haste the Day's fifth studio album, Attack of the Wolf King, which was released in 2010. The frequent personnel turnover and heavy touring schedule finally took its toll, and by early 2011, the band had announced their official breakup and embarked on a farewell tour. Later that year a live album called Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day was released, and it featured both the original lineup and the final one performing together at a 2010 Bloomington, Indiana show. After a three-year break, it was announced that Haste the Day would re-form, featuring members from both the early and later lineups with vocalist Stephen Keech set to produce their new album. Coward, the band's sixth studio album and first since their breakup, arrived in May 2015. ~ Jason Ankeny & Timothy Monger
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Haste The Day


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Haste The Day

Top Songs by
Haste The Day

  1.   Song
  2.   When Everything Falls
  3.   Mad Man
  4.   Crush Resistance
  5.   The Oracle
  6.   Blue 42
  7.   Ros King
  8.   Stitches
  9.   Long Way Down
  10.   O' Come Emanuel
  11.   Meet Me Half Way
  12.   White Collar
  13.   White as Snow
  14.   Walls and Fear
  15.   American Love
  16.   Fail
  17.   Reconcile
  18.   Substance
  19.   Fallen
  20.   If I Could See
  21.   Instrumetal
  22.   Travesty
  23.   Songs Of The Fallen Nation
  24.   Babylon
  25.   Resolve
  26.   Haunting
  27.   68
  28.   Sea of Apathy
  29.   Chorus Of Angels
  30.   The Closest Thing to Closure
  31.   Lost
  32.   Wake Up the Sun
  33.   The Un-Manifest
  34.   My Name Is Darkness
  35.   Autumn
  36.   Porcelain
  37.   Invoke Reform
  38.   Vertigo
  39.   The Minor Prophets
  40.   Pressure The Hinges
  41.   All I Have
  42.   This Time It's Real
  43.   Walk On
  44.   An Honest Confession
  45.   Song of Faith
  46.   One Life to Live
  47.   Gnaw
  48.   Secret
  49.   The Quiet, Deadly Ticking
  50.   The Place Where Most Deny
  51.   Merit for Sadness
  52.   Dog Like Vultures
  53.   An Adult Tree
  54.   In Memory
  55.   Akeldema
  56.   Needles
  57.   Bleed Alone
  58.   For a Lifetime
  59.   Outro
  60.   Breaking My Own Heart
  61.   Coward
  62.   Janet's Planet
  63.   The Perfect Night
  64.   Accept
  65.   World
  66.   Take
  67.   Begin
  68.   Walk with a Crooked Spine
  69.   Eye Of The Needle
  70.   Servant Ties
  71.   Labyrinth
  72.   Concerning the Way It Was
  73.   Eremus
  74.   The Last Goodbye
  75.   Shadow

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