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Hate Eternal

Founded in the late '90s, Hate Eternal are an amelodic, ultra-fast death metal/grindcore band led by former Morbid Angel and Ripping Corpse guitarist Erik Rutan. While those bands employed Rutan strictly as a guitarist, Hate Eternal presented a change for Rutan in that the group found him doing much of the lead singing in addition to playing guitar. Nonetheless, Hate Eternal's late-'90s material was quite similar to the type of things that Rutan had done in the past. With Rutan having recruited fellow guitarist Doug Cerrito (formerly of Suffocation), bassist Jared Anderson, and drummer Tim Yeung, Hate Eternal signed with Wicked World in 1999 and recorded their first album, Conquering the Throne. Shortly afterword, Yeung was replaced by Derek Roddy and Rutan left Morbid Angel to focus on Hate Eternal, and in 2002 the band released its second album, King of All Kings, on Earache. Hate Eternal set out on tour to promote the album, but quickly ran into trouble when they had to replace Jared Anderson with Randy Piro due to a drug problem. In 2005, the band returned with its third album, I, Monarch. While the album was met with favorable reviews by critics, the band suffered from internal problems and had to cancel its touring, with Roddy leaving the group in 2006. Rutan recruited drummer Jade Simonetto to replace him the following year, and the band got back to recording, releasing Fury and Flames on Metal Blade in 2008. Two years later, Piro was replaced by bassist J.J. Hrubovcak just before the band went into the studio to begin work on its fifth album, Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, which was released in early 2011. ~ Alex Henderson
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Albums by
Hate Eternal

Top Songs by
Hate Eternal

  1.   Song
  2.   King of All Kings
  3.   Sacrilege of Hate
  4.   Rising Legions of Black
  5.   Dogma Condemned
  6.   Servants of the Gods
  7.   Praise of the Almighty
  8.   Catacombs
  9.   It Is Our Will
  10.   The Art of Redemption
  11.   By His Own Decree
  12.   Dethroned
  13.   Zealot, Crusader of War
  14.   The Chosen One
  15.   The Fire of Resurrection
  16.   The Eternal Ruler
  17.   Fury Within
  18.   Faceless One
  19.   In Spirit (The Power of Mana)
  20.   Chants in Declaration
  21.   Hell Envenom
  22.   Pathogenic Apathy
  23.   The Creed of Chaotic Divinity
  24.   Chaos Theory
  25.   Order of the Arcane Scripture
  26.   Infernus
  27.   La Tempestad
  28.   The Stygian Deep
  29.   Locust Swarm
  30.   Lake Ablaze
  31.   Hatesworn
  32.   Deathveil
  33.   Tombeau (Le Tombeau de la Fureur et des Flammes)
  34.   The Funerary March
  35.   Bringer of Storms
  36.   Para Bellum
  37.   Whom Gods May Destroy
  38.   Spiritual Holocaust
  39.   Darkness By Oath
  40.   Saturated In Dejection
  41.   Nailed To Obscurity
  42.   Our Beckoning
  43.   Obscure Terror
  44.   Beyond Redemption
  45.   Born by Fire
  46.   Powers That Be
  47.   Two Demons
  48.   Behold Judas
  49.   The Victorious Reign
  50.   To Know Our Enemies
  51.   I, Monarch
  52.   Path to the Eternal Gods
  53.   The Plague of Humanity
  54.   Sons of Darkness
  55.   Coronach
  56.   Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
  57.   Rebirth
  58.   Thus Salvation
  59.   Haunting Abound
  60.   Thorns of Acacia
  61.   O Majestic Being, Hear My Call
  62.   Proclamation of the Damned
  63.   Bonus Material
  64.   The Know Our Enemies
  65.   I Monarch Session
  66.   Behind The Scenes At Mana Studios
  67.   I, Monarch
  68.   Our Becckoning
  69.   Interview

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