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Stemming from a D.I.Y. noise scene based around the downtown L.A. art space The Smell, HEALTH make mathy indie rock with tribal drums, squealing guitars, asymmetrical basslines, and a homemade guitar pedal/microphone called a Zoothorn. As a four-piece led by Jacob Duzsik, the band played its first show after practicing together for six months, and started making a go in Los Angeles, playing ten-minute sets with like-minded local bands like Ex Models, No Age, and Mika Miko. After a few tours and a slot at SXSW, they returned to home base and started recording their debut album at The Smell. Capturing the cavernous brick acoustics with vintage microphones, HEALTH featured a unique brand of aggressive and concise songs, and was released by Lovepump Records in 2007. Later, they started touring with pals Crystal Castles, an aggressive electro duo that had previously shared a 7" with the band. HEALTH also remixed their song "Crimewave" that year. To repay the favor, Crystal Castles contributed to a full album of HEALTH remixes, titled //DISCO. In 2009, the group unleashed its muscular and crunchy second full-length, Get Color. Following tradition, the songs from this album were remixed for 2010's ::DISCO2. HEALTH composed the score for 2012's Max Payne 3, which earned nominations for Best Score in a Game and Best Song in a Game (for the track "Tears") at that year's Spike Video Game Awards. They continued their foray into video game music in 2013 with "High Pressure Dave," a song inspired by the Units' "High Pressure Days" that appeared in Grand Theft Auto V. HEALTH returned with new material in 2015, premiering the single "New Coke" a few months in advance of their third full-length, Death Magic. ~ Jason Lymangrover
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  1.   Song
  2.   Die Slow
  3.   Crimewave
  4.   Life
  5.   In Heat
  6.   Before Tigers
  7.   We Are Water
  8.   New Coke
  9.   Heaven
  10.   TEARS
  11.   Dark Enough
  12.   Tricertops
  13.   In Violet
  14.   Triceratops
  15.   Victim
  16.   Nice Girls
  17.   Tabloid Sores
  18.   Salvia
  19.   Drugs Exist
  20.   Courtship
  21.   COURTSHIP II by Roly-Poly
  22.   SALVIA by Marcus Whale
  23.   CRUSHER
  24.   SLUM LORD
  25.   EUPHORIA
  26.   STONEFIST featuring Boys Noize
  27.   Hurt Yourself
  28.   L.A. Looks
  29.   Courtship II
  30.   Men Today
  31.   Stonefist
  32.   USA Boys
  33.   Severin
  34.   Eat Flesh
  35.   Death+
  36.   The Power Of HEALTH
  37.   Problem Is
  38.   Zoothorns
  39.   Perfect Skin
  40.   Glitter Pills
  41.   Lost Time
  42.   VICTIM II
  43.   MEN TOMORROW by Preoccupations
  44.   Flesh World
  45.   //M\\
  46.   Girl Attorney
  48.   LIFE by Phantoms
  49.   DRUGS EXIST by Pictureplane

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