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Vancouver punk-pop quartet Hedley are led by frontman Jacob Hoggard, who first rose to national prominence as a finalist during the 2004 season of the television talent contest Canadian Idol. Though voted off the series in its penultimate episode, Hoggard proved a major fan favorite, guaranteeing significant media exposure for his subsequent pursuits. In 2005, he formed Hedley with guitarist Dave Rosin, bassist Tommy Mac, and drummer Chris Crippin, all of whom previously teamed in the Vancouver band Everything After. The band generated a healthy buzz at the Canadian Music Week 2005 media showcase and, soon after, signed with Universal Music Canada. Working with producer Brian Howes, Hedley's self-titled debut was released that fall, generating the radio hits "Trip" and "On My Own." The album quickly went platinum, and Hedley spent the summer of 2006 supporting Yellowcard and Matchbook Romance on a North American tour before their album hit U.S. stores in September. Largely recorded in the beachfront community of White Rock, British Columbia, Famous Last Words arrived in October 2007 and went platinum after just ten days. The dance-punk-infused The Show Must Go followed in 2009, yielding the Top Ten hit "Cha-Ching," and after being dropped by Capitol in the U.S. they signed with Island Records the following year. A singles compilation called Never Too Late was released in the U.S. in 2010, followed later that year with the Canadian live CD/DVD set Go with the Show. Hedley's fourth album, 2011's Storms, proved to be their most successful to date, reaching number two on the Canadian pop charts, eventually going gold, and snagging them a Juno Award for Best Pop Album in 2012. Their 2013 follow-up, Wild Life, fared almost as well, also reaching the Top Ten in Canada. Hedley's sixth studio album, Hello, was expected in late 2015. ~ Jason Ankeny
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  1.   Song
  2.   One Life
  3.   Perfect
  4.   Kiss You Inside and Out
  5.   Invincible
  6.   Old School
  7.   For the Nights I Can't Remember
  8.   Never Too Late
  9.   Dying to Live Again
  10.   321
  11.   Trip
  12.   Gunnin'
  13.   Parade Rain
  14.   Hello
  15.   Can't Slow Down
  16.   Johnny Falls
  17.   Lose Control
  18.   Narcissist
  19.   Top of the World
  20.   Anything
  21.   Crazy For You
  22.   Beautiful
  23.   Kids
  24.   Been There Done That
  25.   Pocket Full of Dreams
  26.   I Do (Wanna Love You)
  27.   Don't Talk to Strangers
  28.   I Won't Let You Go (Darling)
  29.   Sweater Song
  30.   Amazing
  31.   Street Fight
  32.   The Knife
  33.   Back to Basics
  34.   Man Killer
  35.   Quit
  36.   Almost Over
  37.   Got Love
  38.   Wild Life
  39.   Heaven In Our Headlights
  40.   I'll Be With You
  41.   Stormy
  42.   Young
  43.   Heaven's Gonna Wait
  44.   Hands Up
  45.   Cha-Ching
  46.   She's So Sorry
  47.   Brave New World
  48.   On My Own
  49.   Alive
  50.   All the Way
  51.   Headphones
  52.   Bullet For Your Dreams
  53.   Friends
  54.   Can't Go Back
  55.   Bones Shatter (Never Say Never)
  56.   Daddy-O
  57.   Villain
  58.   Fighting Chance
  59.   Sympathy
  60.   I Will
  61.   Very First Time
  62.   Beautiful Girl
  63.   Dreaming's For Sleeping
  64.   Mexico
  65.   Carry On
  66.   Hiding Place
  67.   Last Call
  68.   Hot Mess
  69.   Color Outside the Lines
  70.   Shelter
  71.   Scream
  72.   Sink or Swim
  73.   Saturday
  74.   Sugar Free
  75.   I Don't Believe It
  76.   Hand Grenade
  77.   Dear Blank
  78.   We Are Unbreakable
  79.   Lost in Translation
  80.   Ass Flames
  81.   Avad's Birthday
  82.   Chocolate Covered What
  83.   Closing Credits
  84.   Dude, It's Crippin
  85.   Good Times Tommy
  86.   Heavy Petting
  87.   Hedley + Guns = Gide
  88.   Hedley for Life
  89.   I Immediately Regret This Decision
  90.   Jake Unleashed
  91.   Opening
  92.   Phantom Menace to Society
  93.   Pisshead
  94.   Shire Tanannigans
  95.   Streetfighting
  96.   The Road