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Heavy metal "supergroup" Hellyeah formed in 2006 in Dallas, Texas around the talents of Mudvayne's Chad Gray (vocals) and Greg Tribbett (guitar), Nothingface's Tom Maxwell (guitar) and Jerry Montano -- the latter also played with Danzig -- and Pantera/Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. The group's self-titled debut was released in April 2007 on Epic Records. Shortly after the album was released, Montano left the band and was replaced by Damageplan bassist Bob Zilla. With a new bassist in place, Hellyeah began to work on new material, and in 2010 released their sophomore album, Stampede. Released in 2012, the Eleven Seven Music-issued Band of Brothers found success on the strength of the singles "War in Me" and the propulsive title cut, and 2014's Blood for Blood saw the band part ways with Tribett and Zilla, the latter of whom was replaced by Bloodsimple bass player Kyle Sanders. In 2016 the band issued its fifth studio long-player, the brooding and savage Unden!able, which included a blistering cover of Phil Collins' "I Don't Care Anymore" that featured guitar parts from late Pantera shredder Dimebag Darrell. ~ James Christopher Monger
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  1.   Song
  2.   You Wouldn't Know
  3.   I Don't Care Anymore
  4.   Alcohaulin' Ass
  5.   Moth
  6.   Hell of a Time
  7.   Human
  8.   Thank You
  9.   Band of Brothers
  10.   Hush
  11.   Demons in the Dirt
  12.   Sangre por Sangre
  13.   Drink Drank Drunk
  14.   Startariot
  15.   Hellyeah
  16.   ***damn
  17.   Goddamn
  18.   Cross To Bier (Cradle of Bones)
  19.   Cowboy Way
  20.   Rotten to the Core
  21.   War In Me
  22.   Better Man
  23.   Nausea
  24.   Love Falls
  25.   Leap of Faith
  26.   Rotten to the Core
  27.   Rage/Burn
  28.   One Thing
  29.   X
  30.   Matter of Time
  31.   Grave
  32.   Star
  33.   Alive and Well
  34.   Stand or Walk Away
  35.   Matter of Time
  36.   Matter of Time
  37.   God Damn
  38.   It's On!
  39.   Dig Myself a Hole
  40.   Hellyeah
  41.   Bigger God
  42.   Black December
  43.   Nausea
  44.   Call It Like I See It
  45.   One Thing
  46.   Be Unden!able
  47.   !
  48.   Say When
  49.   DMF
  50.   One Thing
  51.   Alcohaulin' Ass
  52.   You Wouldn't Know
  53.   What It Takes To Be Me
  54.   Between You and Nowhere
  55.   You Wouldn't Know
  56.   Stampede
  57.   Debt That All Men Pay
  58.   Cold as a Stone
  59.   Star
  60.   In the Mood
  61.   Goddamn
  62.   Blood Plague
  63.   WM Free
  64.   Introductions
  65.   Waging War
  66.   Scratch a Lie
  67.   Live or Die
  68.   Feast Or Famine
  69.   Thank You
  70.   Rotten to the Core
  71.   Star
  72.   Why Does It Always
  73.   Stone Cold Crazy
  74.   Pole Rider
  75.   Nausea
  76.   In the Mood
  77.   Thank You
  78.   Alcohaulin' A**
  79.   Waging War
  80.   Live in Dallas
  81.   Alcohaulin' Ass
  82.   Order the Sun
  83.   Waging War
  84.   In the Mood
  85.   Soul Killer
  86.   Gift
  87.   10-34

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