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High On Fire

Guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike, bass player George Rice, and drummer Des Kensel formed High on Fire in 1999, following the collapse of Pike's previous band, doom metal titans Sleep. But while Sleep had built their fame on impossibly slothful tunes and copious weed consumption, High on Fire's first release, The Art of Self Defense, displayed a far more aggressive though still fantasy-themed style of heavy metal. Released to mildly enthusiastic reviews, the album's prospects suffered from label Man's Ruin imminent bankruptcy, and it wasn't until High on Fire landed on grindcore powerhouse Relapse Records for their second album, 2002's devastating Surrounded by Thieves, that their abundant promise was rewarded. Extensive touring and an ever-increasing fan base followed, so that by the time they unleashed their third release, Blessed Black Wings, in early 2005 (introducing new bassist Joe Preston [ex-Thrones and Melvins]), High on Fire had earned their place as one of the most widely respected heavy metal outfits on the planet. Preston would be replaced by Jeff Matz, who would play on their 2007 release, Death Is This Communion. In 2010, High on Fire returned with their fifth studio album, Snakes for the Divine, released on Koch. De Vermis Mysteriis, which translates to "The Mysteries of the Worm," followed in 2012. The following year the stoner metal masters released a pair of live albums, Spitting Fire Live, Vol. 1 and Spitting Fire Live, Vol. 2, capturing two skull-crushing performances in New York City with a two-album set. When re-entering the studio, the trio re-teamed with producer Kurt Ballou, who helmed De Vermis Mysteriis. High on Fire's seventh studio full-length, Luminiferous, was issued in 2015; it featured the band's sound at its most elemental and stripped down. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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High On Fire

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High On Fire

Top Songs by
High On Fire

  1.   Song
  2.   Face of Oblivion
  3.   Rumors of War
  4.   Bastard Samurai
  5.   Snakes for the Divine
  6.   Samsara
  7.   Sons of Thunder
  8.   The Black Plot
  9.   Baghdad
  10.   Speedwolf
  11.   To Cross the Bridge
  12.   The Falconist
  13.   The Sunless Years
  14.   10,000 Years
  15.   The Cave
  16.   The Dark Side of the Compass
  17.   Slave the Hive
  18.   Madness of an Architect
  19.   Spiritual Rights
  20.   The Path
  21.   Frost Hammer
  22.   Witching Hour
  23.   Nemesis
  24.   Dii
  25.   Turk
  26.   Blessed Black Wings
  27.   Cometh Down Hessian
  28.   The Yeti
  29.   Eyes and Teeth
  30.   Fireface
  31.   Mystery Of Helm
  32.   The Lethal Chamber
  33.   Steel Shoe
  34.   Luminiferous
  35.   Blood from Zion
  36.   Carcosa
  37.   Fertile Green
  38.   War Horn
  39.   Serums of Liao
  40.   King of Days
  41.   How Dark We Pray
  42.   Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter
  43.   Ghost Neck
  44.   Fire, Flood & Plague
  45.   Ethereal
  46.   Cyclopian Scape
  47.   Headhunter
  48.   Waste of Tiamat
  49.   Fury Whip
  50.   Anointing of Seer
  51.   Brother in the Wind
  52.   Devilution
  53.   Razor Hoof
  54.   Thraft of Caanan
  55.   Hung, Drawn and Quartered
  56.   Last
  57.   Master of Fists
  58.   Romulus and Remus
  59.   Bloody Knuckle
  60.   Khanrad's Wall
  61.   Death Is This Communion
  62.   Silver Back
  63.   Surrounded by Thieves
  64.   The Usurper
  65.   De Vermis Mysteriis
  66.   Return to Nod

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