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Hunter Hayes

When he was just 19 years old, Hunter Hayes became one of the hottest new stars in country music, having signed with a major label and attracted plenty of press attention and airplay, but despite his youth, this wasn't really new for Hayes -- he was playing for paying audiences at the age of five and cut his first album when he was only nine. Hayes was born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana in 1991, and showed a keen interest in music at an early age. His family was proud of their Cajun heritage, and young Hayes had a regular babysitter who was a fan of legendary Cajun accordionist Aldus Roger. Hayes began singing the melodies of Roger's songs around the house, and when his folks bought him a toy accordion, he was playing Cajun tunes on it within a few days. By the age of five, he had moved up to a custom-made accordion designed to work with his small hands, and he was regularly sitting in with local Cajun bands that played at a local restaurant. Hayes became a minor celebrity in Louisiana, appearing on local television programs, playing a bit part in Robert Duvall's film The Apostle, joining Hank Williams, Jr. on-stage to perform "Jambalaya" at a concert in front of 200,000 fans, and meeting the likes of Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, and Bill Clinton. In 2000, he recorded his first album, Through My Eyes, for a regional label, with the youngster playing accordion, singing, and writing several songs as well as performing a handful of Cajun standards. He wrote or co-wrote seven of the 13 songs on his second independent album, 2001's Make a Wish, which he helped to produce. While Hayes had already mastered keyboards and accordion, he expanded his repertoire to include guitar, mandolin, bass, and percussion, and as a teenager he assembled a home-recording setup, learning more about the rudiments of record-making. In 2009, Hayes moved to Nashville, hoping to make a mark in country music, and he signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group; Rascal Flatts recorded one of his tunes, "Play," on their 2010 album Nothing Like This. Producer and songwriter Dann Huff, who had worked on the Rascal Flatts album, teamed up with Hayes to produce Hayes' first major-label project after he landed a deal with Atlantic Records. In the summer of 2011, Hayes' single "Storm Warning" was released and made the country Top 40; he wrote the song as well as singing and playing all the instruments himself. His debut album, Hunter Hayes, was released later in 2011, and as his single rode the charts, he spent part of the summer touring small venues as a headliner, and large arenas opening for Taylor Swift. His debut built into a strong success story, topping the U.S. country charts and going platinum thanks in part to the number one country single "Wanted," which went quadruple platinum in 2012. Another single was pulled from Hunter Hayes -- "Somebody's Heartbreak," which peaked at number seven -- and then an expanded "Encored" edition of the album appeared in 2013; this version contained the number two single "I Want Crazy" and the Jason Mraz duet "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me." Hayes returned in 2014 with his second album, Storyline. Preceded by the single "Invisible," Storyline was released in May 2014. Debuting at number one on the country chart, Storyline nevertheless didn't have the legs of Hayes' debut -- its second single, "Tattoo," peaked at 31 -- so Hunter followed it quickly with the 21 EP in the summer of 2015. The single "21" sold well in the summer and he accompanied it with The 21 Project -- a set of three EPs where the same songs were recorded in three different ways -- that November. ~ Mark Deming
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Hunter Hayes

Top Songs by
Hunter Hayes

  1.   Song
  2.   I Want Crazy
  3.   Wanted
  4.   Storm Warning
  5.   21
  6.   Somebody's Heartbreak
  7.   Invisible
  8.   Merry Christmas Baby
  9.   Tattoo
  10.   Someday Girl
  11.   Everybody's Got Somebody But Me
  12.   Rainy Season
  13.   Cry with You
  14.   Where It All Begins
  15.   In a Song
  16.   If You Told Me To
  17.   Still Fallin
  18.   What You Gonna Do
  19.   Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  20.   Young and in Love
  21.   Love Too Much
  22.   Six Years Old
  23.   Nothing Like Starting Over
  24.   Love Makes Me
  25.   All You Ever
  26.   Zydeco Boogaloo
  27.   Saint or a Sinner
  28.   La Porte d'En Arrière (The Back Door)
  29.   When Did You Stop Loving Me
  30.   Wild Card
  31.   Malfunction
  32.   Valse de Calcasieu (The Calcasieu Waltz)
  33.   Better Than This
  34.   Rockin' Flames
  35.   I Mean You
  36.   Secret Love
  37.   Flashlight
  38.   What You Gonna Do by Ashley Monroe
  39.   Everybody's Got Somebody But Me by Jason Mraz
  40.   Amede Two Step
  41.   Un Autre Soir Ennuyant (Another Lonely Night)
  42.   Saturday Night Special
  43.   Where It All Begins
  44.   Suitcase
  45.   You Think You Know Somebody
  46.   A Thing About You
  47.   More Than I Should
  48.   Faith to Fall Back On
  49.   Freight Train
  50.   The Grass Will Be Greener
  51.   Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
  52.   Allons à Lafayette (Let's Go to Lafayette)
  53.   Lafayette Waltz
  54.   Jolie Blonde
  55.   No Fair Falling in Love
  56.   Jole Blon
  57.   The Trouble With Love
  58.   Dream Girl
  59.   If It's Just Me
  60.   Storyline
  61.   Where We Left Off
  62.   Allons Danser
  63.   Mon Ami (My Friend)
  64.   I Feel Good
  65.   Dreaming
  66.   Quarter at the Bottom of the Jukebox
  67.   The Clock
  68.   Make a Wish
  69.   Deep in the Night
  70.   ...Interlude
  71.   Hold Her Till She's Older
  72.   ...Like I Was Saying
  73.   Go, Tell It on the Mountain
  74.   J'Ai Passé Devant Ta Porte (I Passed Before Your Door)
  75.   Attention, C'est Mon Coeur Va Casser (Be Careful, You're Breaking ...)
  76.   Light Me Up

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