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I Am Kloot

I Am Kloot is an oddball pop trio based in Manchester, England, that consists of vocalist/guitarist John Bramwell, drummer Andy Hargreaves, and guitarist/bassist Pete Jobson. Bramwell used his contacts as a gig promoter to reel in Hargreaves and Jobson from their former bands. A week after their first show (at the same venue Bramwell promoted gigs at), they released their debut single, Titanic/To You. After another single in early 2000, the group signed to Wall of Sound offshoot We Love You. A two-part single for Morning Rain was released in June of 2001, and the full-length Natural History was out by the end of the year. The trio signed a new recording contract with the Echo label and teamed up with producer Ian Broudie to record their self-titled second album, released in summer 2003. Broudie added his textbook production touches to the album, expanding the I Am Kloot sound to provide the perfect framework for Bramwell's finely observed lyrical vignettes. The trio undertook their first U.S. tour in 2005 in support of the belated stateside release of I Am Kloot. Shortly afterwards, they released their third European album, Gods and Monsters. The band's fourth full-length outing, I Am Kloot Play Moolah Rouge, arrived in 2008, followed by 2009's B, a compilation of B-sides, rarities, and unreleased songs. Released in 2010, Sky at Night was produced by Craig Potter and Guy Garvey from Elbow. It was their most commercially successful album; it reached number 24 on the U.K. albums chart, and it was also short-listed for the Mercury Prize. Let It All In, the band's sixth album, was issued in early 2013. ~ Andy Kellman
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I Am Kloot

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I Am Kloot

  1.   Song
  2.   Over My Shoulder
  3.   Northern Skies
  4.   Fingerprints
  5.   Hey Little Bird
  6.   From Your Favourite Sky
  7.   Asleep At the Wheel
  8.   Because
  9.   Someone Like You
  10.   Dark Star
  11.   The Moon is a Blind Eye
  12.   An Ordinary Girl
  13.   A Strange Arrangement of Colour
  14.   Down at the Front
  15.   Mermaids
  16.   Morning Rain
  17.   From There To Here
  18.   Gods and Monsters
  19.   Shoeless
  20.   Ferris Wheels
  21.   Great Escape
  22.   Hospital Baby
  23.   86 TV's
  24.   Twist
  25.   Heart Attack
  26.   Euro '96
  27.   Turning
  28.   These Days Are Mine
  29.   Hold Back the Night
  30.   Bullets
  31.   Tell Me Something
  32.   By Myself
  33.   Monkeys
  34.   Deep Blue Sea
  35.   To the Brink
  36.   It's Just the Night
  37.   I Still Do
  38.   Chaperoned
  39.   One Man Brawl
  40.   Stop Taking Photographs
  41.   I Believe
  42.   Dead Men's Cigarettes
  43.   Avenue of Hope
  44.   Astray
  45.   Not a Reasonable Man
  46.   Proof
  47.   Here For the World
  48.   Life in a Day
  49.   Same Deep Water as Me
  50.   3 Feet Tall
  51.   Untitled #1
  52.   Blue and Bone China
  53.   Loch
  54.   A Million Things
  55.   Junk Culture
  56.   No Direction Home
  57.   You Gotta Go
  58.   Let Them All In
  59.   Cuckoo
  60.   Daniel Flashback
  61.   Coincidence
  62.   At the Sea
  63.   Some Better Day
  64.   Fat Kids In Photographs
  65.   Ira Tribute Act
  66.   Daniel Stressed
  67.   The Stars Look Familiar
  68.   Suddenly Strange
  69.   Joanne and Daniel, Pt. 1
  70.   Lately
  71.   Dogs Howl
  72.   Strange Without You
  73.   No Fear of Falling
  74.   Same Shoes
  75.   This House Is Haunted
  76.   Salford Refrain
  77.   Big Tears
  78.   A Dream, Pt. 1
  79.   Cinders
  80.   Sold as Seen
  81.   Titanic
  82.   Hong Kong Lullaby
  83.   Blue
  84.   Bigger Wheels
  85.   The Bomb
  86.   Glimmer
  87.   The Runaways
  88.   Radiation
  89.   A Dream, Pt. 2
  90.   Strange Little Girl
  91.   Joanne and Daniel, Pt. 2
  92.   Mouth On Me
  93.   Only Role in Town
  94.   The Face of Alabaster
  95.   Sand and Glue
  96.   Even the Stars
  97.   The Mermen