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I Am Robot and Proud

I Am Robot and Proud is Toronto-based Shaw-Han Liem, who combines both electronic and organic instrumentation to produce gentle instrumental electronic pop. In the early 2000s, he released two full-lengths on Catmobile Records, The Catch (November 2001) and Grace Days (October 2003), as well as a few EPs and a remix album. His third LP, The Electricity in Your House Wants to Sing, was released on respected indie label Darla in early 2006, followed by Uphill City in 2008. ~ Kenyon Hopkin
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I Am Robot and Proud

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I Am Robot and Proud

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I Am Robot and Proud

  1.   Song
  2.   Circles
  3.   Angles
  4.   The Risk
  5.   Hujan
  6.   Colours With No Name
  7.   Weird Gravity
  8.   Magic Numbers
  9.   Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness
  10.   The Melt
  11.   Learn From Mistakes
  12.   Thunder Road
  13.   Mexico City
  14.   Pecah Tracks
  15.   Switch and Ramp
  16.   Ketok Magic
  17.   Train Station Lullaby
  18.   Storm of the Century
  19.   Island Life
  20.   401 Circuit
  21.   Making a Case for Magic
  22.   Something to Write Home About
  23.   Her Version
  24.   A List of Things that Quicken the Heart
  25.   Light and Waves
  26.   Summer Colour
  27.   Grace Days
  28.   The Everything Machine, Pt.1 by Yuri Miyauchi
  29.   Uphill City
  30.   Mono the Planet
  31.   Kira Kira Zig Zag
  32.   Mountain
  33.   Slow Reaction
  34.   Quick Life
  35.   Nothing Normal Sounds Good
  36.   Touch/Tone
  37.   Song for Two Wheels
  38.   Kresna
  39.   The Mood You're In
  40.   Unfinished Buildings
  41.   Winter at Night
  42.   The Build by Yuri Miyauchi
  43.   A Way of Organizing Time
  44.   Friction on Teeth
  45.   The Everything Machine, Pt.2 by Yuri Miyauchi
  46.   Count to Six
  47.   Tape
  48.   Unexpected Guest
  49.   Deep Dive
  50.   Osaka
  51.   Le Concert des Couverts
  52.   Robophobic
  53.   The Catch
  54.   Read & Re-Read
  55.   Saturday Afternoon Plans
  56.   James's Equation
  57.   Eyes Closed Hopefully
  58.   The Heart of Things
  59.   The Satellite Kids
  60.   Julie's Equation
  61.   The Electricity in Your House Wants to Sing
  62.   When I Get My Ears
  63.   The Work
  64.   Save Your Neck, Save Your Brother
  65.   The Scholars and the Travellers
  66.   Neil Lake
  67.   Me vs. Heidi
  68.   Good Sleep
  69.   A Man That Runs Too Fast
  70.   Places We're Trying to Find
  71.   Center Cities
  72.   Vendredi le 30 Mars
  73.   When We Were Together
  74.   September Argument
  75.   Last Day of Winter
  76.   Let It Snow
  77.   The Everything Machine, Pt. 1

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