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The death metal band Immolation formed in New York in 1986; originally dubbed Rigor Mortis, the group first comprised singer/bassist Ross Dolan, guitarists Robert Vignaud and Thomas Wilkinson, and drummer Craig Smilowski. After a series of well-received demos, in 1991 Immolation signed to Roadrunner to issue their debut album, Dawn of Possession; a five-year gap (and a move to Metal Blade) preceded the follow-up, Here in After. With new drummer Alex Hernandez, the band resurfaced in 1999 with Failure for Gods. Close to a World Below was issued a year later. ~ Jason Ankeny
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    Death Metal
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  1.   Song
  2.   Lost Passion
  3.   Majesty and Decay
  4.   Passion Kill
  5.   Keep the Silence
  6.   A Thunderous Consequence
  7.   Echoes of Despair
  8.   A Token of Malice
  9.   Kingdom of Conspiracy
  10.   A Kingdom Divided
  11.   A Glorious Epoch
  12.   Our Savior Sleeps
  13.   No Jesus, No Beast
  14.   The Condemned
  15.   Tarnished
  16.   Your Angel Died
  17.   Unholy Cult
  18.   Reluctant Messiah
  19.   Once Ordained
  20.   Harnessing Ruin
  21.   Here in After
  22.   Serving Divinity
  23.   Swarm of Terror
  24.   Dead to Me
  25.   Put My Hand in the Fire
  26.   Indoctrinate
  27.   Dawn of Possession
  28.   Deliverer of Evil
  29.   Son of Iniquity
  30.   A Spectacle of Lies
  31.   Into Everlasting Fire
  32.   The Rapture of Ghosts
  33.   The Struggle of Hope & Horror
  34.   At Mourning's Twilight
  35.   My Own Enemy
  36.   Bring Them Down
  37.   Unpardonable Sin
  38.   The Devil I Know
  39.   God Made Filth
  40.   Christ's Cage
  41.   Burn With Jesus
  42.   Despondent Souls
  43.   Those Left Behind
  44.   Internal Decadence
  45.   No Forgiveness (Without Bloodshed)
  46.   Burial Ground
  47.   After My Prayers
  48.   Fall in Disease
  49.   Immolation
  50.   Failures for Gods
  51.   Breathing the Dark
  52.   Divine Code
  53.   Towards Earth
  54.   Destructive Currents
  55.   The Comfort of Cowards
  56.   Higher Coward
  57.   Hate's Plague
  58.   Crown the Liar
  59.   Furthest from the Truth
  60.   The Weight of Devotion
  61.   Away From God
  62.   Stench of High Heaven
  63.   Close to a World Below
  64.   Intro
  65.   In Human Form
  66.   Den of Thieves
  67.   Lying with Demons
  68.   Power and Shame
  69.   Fall from a High Place
  70.   Nailed to Gold
  71.   All That Awaits Us
  72.   World Agony
  73.   Whispering Death
  74.   The Purge
  75.   Interlude
  76.   Challenge the Storm
  77.   Of Martyrs, And Men
  78.   Shadows in the Light
  79.   I Feel Nothing
  80.   God Complex
  81.   Unsaved
  82.   Under the Supreme
  83.   The Great Sleep
  84.   Bound to Order
  85.   Father, You're Not a Father
  86.   Sinful Nature
  87.   Rival the Eminent
  88.   Wolf Among the Flock

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