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Immortal Technique

Born Felipe Coronel in a military hospital in Lima, Peru, in 1978, Immortal Technique moved to Harlem with his parents when he was two years old. At age nine he started rapping, though he didn't start to take it more seriously until he was in high school. Despite the fact he was in and out of trouble throughout his teenage years, Tech was accepted at Penn State University, but before he could get through much of college, he was arrested and eventually ended up spending a year in prison. It was there that he began to study the lives and teachings of black and Latino revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Malcolm X, as well as to devote himself to writing songs. Out in 1999, on parole, he moved back to New York, where he spent his days working various jobs and his nights battling other rappers, a forum that allowed him the opportunity to show off his aggressive, vituperative style. Concerned that he was being pigeonholed as a one-trick pony, Tech set about writing complete tracks, finding beats to accompany them, and eventually releasing his debut, Revolutionary, Vol. 1, in 2001 (an album that was later re-released by his own company, Viper Records, in 2004 and Babygrande in 2005). The record, plus his indefatigable work ethic, earned him local recognition and a spot as The Source's "unsigned hype" in November 2002, and the following year he issued his second album, Revolutionary, Vol. 2. Although he promised his third release would see the light of day in 2005, it wasn't until the summer of 2007 that -- besides a few singles and mixtapes -- fans got any new material from Immortal Technique, coming in the form of the full-length The Middle Passage. ~ Marisa Brown
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Immortal Technique

  1.   Song
  2.   Industrial Revolution
  3.   Dance With the Devil
  4.   The Point of Now Return
  5.   Creation & Destruction
  6.   Peruvian Cocaine
  7.   Harlem Streets
  8.   Internally Bleeding
  9.   The Getaway
  10.   Freedom of Speech
  11.   You Never Know
  12.   The 3rd World
  13.   Rich Man's World
  14.   Change Gon Come
  15.   That's What It Is
  16.   Young Lords featuring Joell Ortiz
  17.   The 4th Branch
  18.   The War Vs. Us All By. Mumia Abu Jamal
  19.   Obnoxious
  20.   Leaving the Past
  21.   The Cause of Death
  22.   Peruvian Cocaine RMX
  23.   Mistakes
  24.   Open Your Eyes
  25.   Death March
  26.   Caught in the Hustle
  27.   Truth's Razors
  28.   One
  29.   Mark of the Beast featuring Akir
  30.   Civil War featuring Chuck D
  31.   New Jack Hustler
  32.   Parole
  33.   Beef & Broccoli
  34.   Homeland and Hip Hop
  35.   Sign of the Times
  36.   Toast to the Dead
  37.   Rich Mans World (1%)
  38.   Payback featuring Diabolic
  39.   Bin Laden
  40.   Crossing the Boundary
  41.   Ultimas Palabras
  42.   Goonies Never Die featuring Diabolic
  43.   Angels Demons by Dead Prez
  44.   Bin Laden Remix (Street)
  45.   Hollywood Drive By
  46.   Golpe de Estado
  47.   Speak Your Mind
  48.   The Illest
  49.   The Prophecy
  50.   The Poverty of Philosophy
  51.   No Mercy
  52.   Nuclear Medicine Man
  53.   Bin Laden RMX
  54.   Black Vikings by Styles P
  55.   Eyes in the Sky
  56.   The Martyr
  57.   Payback
  58.   Reverse Pimpology
  59.   Lick Shots
  60.   Apocrypha
  61.   The Message & the Money
  62.   Beatdown of Your Life
  63.   Reverse Pimpology by Mojo
  64.   Bin Laden Feat. MosDef (Street)
  65.   Rebel Arms
  66.   Watchout
  67.   Crimes of the Heart
  68.   Understand Why
  69.   Positive Balance
  70.   Dominant Species
  71.   Revolutionary
  72.   Razorblade Deathsticks
  73.   Impeach the President
  74.   Stand Still
  75.   Natural Beauty by Mela Machinko
  76.   Spend Some Time
  77.   Top of the Food Chain
  78.   Sierra Maestra
  79.   Stronghold Grip
  80.   Adios Uncle Tom (Skit)
  81.   Harlem Renaissance
  82.   No Me Importa
  83.   Conquerors
  84.   Burn This
  85.   Intro
  86.   Running Nowhere (Interlude)
  87.   The Rebel
  88.   The War-Vs-Us All
  89.   The Point of No Return
  90.   Apocalypse featuring Akir
  91.   Cross the Boundary
  92.   Top of the Food Chain Rmx by Poison Pen
  93.   The Illest
  94.   Death March Intro