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Born of a chance meeting and the innate musical rapport established between vocalist Maria Brink and lead guitarist Chris Howorth, In This Moment quickly grew from local cult favorites performing in Los Angeles clubs to a MySpace phenomenon before landing a deal with Century Media. Along the way, the group was fleshed out by rhythm guitarist Blake Bunzel, bassist Jesse Landry, and drummer Jeff Fabb; embarked on several U.S. tours with the likes of Diecast and 36 Crazyfists; and gradually honed its melodic metalcore songwriting for the recording of the 2007 debut album Beautiful Tragedy, which was supported via the band's inclusion in the Hot Chicks of Metal Tour, featuring Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation, among others. Debuting at the number 37 slot on the Billboard Top 200, The Dream arrived in 2008, followed by A Star-Crossed Wasteland in 2010 and the electro-charged Blood in 2012. The group's fifth studio long-player, 2014's Atlantic-issued Black Widow, marked In This Moment's major-label debut. In June 2017, the band dropped the single "Roots" in anticipation of the release of its sixth full-length, Ritual, which arrived the following month. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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In This Moment

Top Songs by
In This Moment

  1.   Song
  2.   Blood
  3.   Adrenalize
  4.   Sick Like Me
  5.   Oh Lord
  6.   Whore
  7.   Gunshow
  8.   Daddy's Falling Angel
  9.   Sex Metal Barbie
  10.   Call Me
  11.   In the Air Tonight
  12.   Joan of Arc
  13.   Half God Half Devil
  14.   Lay Your Gun Down
  15.   The Promise
  16.   Roots
  17.   Big Bad Wolf
  18.   Bloody Creature Poster Girl
  19.   Dirty Pretty
  20.   The Fighter
  21.   Beast Within
  22.   Bones
  23.   Black Widow
  24.   Natural Born Sinner
  25.   This Moment
  26.   Sexual Hallucination
  27.   Beautiful Tragedy
  28.   Comanche
  29.   Out of Hell
  30.   You're Gonna Listen
  31.   Burn
  32.   The Last Cowboy
  33.   Scarlet
  34.   Prayers
  35.   Surrender
  36.   Forever
  37.   Into the Light
  38.   The Lost at Sea
  39.   Standing Alone
  40.   From the Ashes
  41.   The Blood Legion
  42.   All for You
  43.   Black Wedding
  44.   11:11
  45.   River of Fire
  46.   Iron Army
  47.   Blazin'
  48.   World in Flames
  49.   Rise With Me
  50.   Witching Hour
  51.   A Star-Crossed Wasteland
  52.   Into the Darkness
  53.   The Legacy of Odio
  54.   No Me Importa
  55.   Twin Flames
  56.   The Infection
  57.   Aries
  58.   Sailing Away
  59.   A Dying Star
  60.   The Great Divide
  61.   Her Kiss
  62.   Circles
  63.   Just Drive
  64.   Ashes
  65.   Next Life
  66.   Salvation
  67.   Interview ' The Gun Show'
  68.   The Dream
  69.   You Always Believed
  70.   Have No Fear
  71.   When the Storm Subsides
  72.   It Is Written
  73.   Prayers
  74.   Violet Skies
  75.   Mechanical Love
  76.   The Rabbit Hole
  77.   Whispers of October
  78.   Interview 'Burn'
  79.   Interview 'Whore'
  80.   Interview 'Best Crew Ever'
  81.   He Said Eternity
  82.   The Road
  83.   Interview 'Live Dvd'
  84.   Interview 'Beast Within'
  85.   Interview 'Into the Light'