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Ingram Hill

Contrary to what some might assume, Ingram Hill is not of the name of a solo artist but rather, a band; no one in Ingram Hill is actually named Ingram Hill (just like there was never a musician named Lynyrd Skynyrd or Jethro Tull -- at least not in either of those well-known '70s bands). Like Cracker, Train, and Tonic, Ingram Hill has an earthy, unpretentious approach that is relevant to both alternative pop/rock and roots rock. The Memphis-based foursome aren't an exact replica of classic rockers from the '60s and '70s -- their work is, by '90s and early-2000s standards, more modern -- but they do have a certain down-home rootsiness that has gone over well in Southern rock circles. That isn't to say that their sound is stereotypically southern in the way that Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, the Outlaws, the Marshall Tucker Band, and Black Oak Arkansas were stereotypically southern back in the '70s; Ingram Hill doesn't get into hell-raisin' good ol' boy stereotypes, and their lyrics tend to be reflective, introspective, and thoughtful. Ingram Hill brings a long list of influences to their work -- a list that ranges from Tonic, Cracker, Blues Traveler, and the Gin Blossoms to the Black Crowes (a frequent comparison), Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, the Rolling Stones, and John Cougar Mellencamp. Ingram Hill was formed during the summer of 2000, when Justin Moore (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Phil Bogard (lead guitar) joined forces with two other musicians they knew from the University of Memphis, Shea Sowell (bass, background vocals) and Matt Chambless (drums). Before Ingram Hill, Moore and Bogard had played together in a Memphis band called the Bamboozlers (who were together from 1997-2000 and put out a CD titled Shopping for Stuart). In 2001 and 2002, Ingram Hill toured the Deep South extensively, and developed a small but enthusiastic regional following in that part of the United States. Their first release came in 2002, when they put out their debut EP, Until Now, on their own label, Traveler Records. Five of the disc's eight tracks were produced by Tonic singer Emerson Hart, and Until Now sold around 10,000 copies. Then, in 2003, the Memphis residents released their first full-length album, June's Picture Show, on Traveler; the CD was produced by Rick Beato, who had worked with Billionaire, the Tender Idols, Flickerstick, and singer/songwriter Michelle Malone, among others. June's Picture Show had only been out a few weeks when Ingram Hill signed with Hollywood Records, which re-released the album in February 2004. Cold in California followed from Hollywood in 2007. The album reflected a shakeup in personnel, with Sowell leaving; he was replaced by Zach Kirk in 2008. After releasing the Unplugged EP that year, Ingram Hill left their major label association. In 2010, the band signed with Rock Ridge Music for their next album Look Your Best. Although Chambless appeared on the disc, he had departed by the time it was released on September 28, 2010, and the group was reduced to a trio consisting of Moore, Bogard, and Kirk. ~ Alex Henderson
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Ingram Hill

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Ingram Hill

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Ingram Hill

  1.   Song
  2.   Impossible
  3.   Love Is Just a Word
  4.   She Wants to Be Alone
  5.   Oh My
  6.   As Long as I'm with You
  7.   Chicago
  8.   Saturday Girl
  9.   From Afar
  10.   Burn out Your Flame
  11.   Broken Lover
  12.   Troubled Mercy
  13.   Million Miles Away
  14.   Four Letter Word
  15.   I Won't Be Your Lover
  16.   Slippin' Out
  17.   Ready for the Sun
  18.   What If I'm Right
  19.   Something to Cry To
  20.   Who Needs a Sunny Day
  21.   '39
  22.   I Hear Goodnight
  23.   Good Ol' Dixie
  24.   Firefly Ride
  25.   Almost Perfect
  26.   Those Three Words
  27.   Behind My Guitar
  28.   L.A. Crazy
  29.   Wish You'd Stay
  30.   The Hardest Part
  31.   Miss Kennedy
  32.   Lady Grey
  33.   Hey Girl
  34.   Come Around
  35.   Why the Wait
  36.   Solsbury Hill
  37.   Santa Claus Is Back in Town
  38.   Why Don't You
  39.   What You Want
  40.   More Than a Feeling
  41.   Will I Ever Make It Home
  42.   Hangin' Around Again
  43.   On My Way
  44.   Never Be the Same
  45.   Yellow House
  46.   Broken Hearted In Birmingham
  47.   Stuck At the Bottom
  48.   The Captain
  49.   Call It My Way
  50.   Cold in California
  51.   Maybe It's Me
  52.   Magnolia Me
  53.   To Your Grave
  54.   Mainline Train
  55.   The Day Your Luck Runs Out
  56.   Finish What We Started
  57.   Waste It All On You

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