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Ingrid Michaelson

With her piano-fueled songwriting, witty wordplay, and slight vocal vibrato, Ingrid Michaelson carried the tradition of the female singer/songwriter into the 21st century. Befitting a musician of the digital age, Michaelson first gained wide exposure not through sales but instead through tracks on soundtracks, including Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill. Born and raised on New York's Staten Island to an artist mother and classical composer father, she began exploring music with piano lessons at the age of four. After college, she toured with a national theater troupe and spent her free time writing songs, later compiling them into an online-distributed recording entitled Slow the Rain. Michaelson blazed her own trail by independently issuing her proper debut, the engaging Girls and Boys, in 2006; following the inclusion of her music in several episodes of Grey's Anatomy, she then released a remastered version of the album on her own Cabin 24 Records in January 2007. Three months later, she won a national songwriting contest sponsored by Mountain Stage, a radio program produced by West Virginia Public Broadcasting and distributed worldwide. "The Way I Am" was then picked up by Old Navy, who used it to soundtrack one of their clothing commercials, and Michaelson began making headlines as one of the country's most promising independent artists. A benefit project comprised of live recordings, new songs, and rarities, Be OK was released in 2008. Michaelson joined the Hotel Cafe Tour that fall in support of the album, whose proceeds went toward cancer research; she later toured Europe alongside Jason Mraz. For her "proper" follow-up to Girls and Boys, Michaelson retreated to a Manhattan studio alongside producer Dan Romer. Forty newly composed songs were whittled down to a total of 12, with more emphasis being paid to the songwriter's peppier material. Featuring a string section on several songs, 2009's Everybody proved to be Michaelson's most expansive, confident effort to date, and she followed its release with another cross-country fall tour. In 2012, she returned with her fifth studio album, Human Again, with production from David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Regina Spektor, Stevie Nicks, the Bangles) and featuring the single "Ghost." It earned critical praise and performed better on the charts than any of her previous albums. The follow-up, Lights Out, appeared in April 2014, featuring 14 originals and including several guest appearances, including Greg Laswell, Mat Kearney, and A Great Big World. ~ Katherine Fulton & Andrew Leahey
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Albums by
Ingrid Michaelson

Top Songs by
Ingrid Michaelson

  1.   Song
  2.   The Way I Am
  3.   Girls Chase Boys
  4.   Be OK
  5.   Ghost
  6.   Maybe
  7.   Winter Song by Sara Bareilles
  8.   Everybody
  9.   Time Machine
  10.   Afterlife
  11.   You and I
  12.   Soldier
  13.   Die Alone
  14.   Breakable
  15.   Wonderful Unknown
  16.   Keep Breathing
  17.   Sort Of
  18.   Parachute
  19.   Can't Help Falling In Love
  20.   The Chain
  21.   Home
  22.   Over You by A Great Big World
  23.   Over The Rainbow
  24.   Stick
  25.   [Untitled]
  26.   Everyone is Gonna Love Me Now
  27.   The Hat
  28.   Open Hands by Trent Dabbs
  29.   Mountain and the Sea
  30.   Men of Snow
  31.   Are We There Yet
  32.   Lady In Spain
  33.   Corner of Your Heart
  34.   Starting Now
  35.   Glass
  36.   Warpath
  37.   You Got Me
  38.   Incredible Love
  39.   Far Away
  40.   Giving Up
  41.   Highway
  42.   Masochist
  43.   One Night Town
  44.   Handsome Hands
  45.   Without You
  46.   Into You
  47.   So Long
  48.   Locked Up
  49.   Snowfall
  50.   Oh What A Day
  51.   Little Romance
  52.   Overboard
  53.   Ready To Lose by Trent Dabbs
  54.   Blood Brothers
  55.   Once Was Love
  56.   December Baby
  57.   A Bird's Song
  58.   I'll See You in My Dreams
  59.   Mosquito
  60.   Empty Bottle
  61.   Morning Lullabies
  62.   Porcelain Fists
  63.   Charlie
  64.   Around You
  65.   Let Go
  66.   Fire
  67.   This is War
  68.   Do It Now
  69.   I'm Through
  70.   Black and Blue
  71.   Ribbons
  72.   How We Love
  73.   Palm of Your Hand
  74.   In the Sea
  75.   Keep Warm
  76.   End of World
  77.   Live It With Love
  78.   Live With It
  79.   [Untitled]
  80.   [Untitled]
  81.   All Love
  82.   My Darling
  83.   When I Go
  84.   (I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You
  85.   Skinny Love
  86.   Wonderful Unknown by Greg Laswell
  87.   You Got Me by Storyman
  88.   One Night Town by Mat Kearney
  89.   Our Secret