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After the breakup of experimental lo-fi indie rock band the Unicorns, members Nicholas Thorburn (aka Nick Diamonds; vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Jamie Thompson (aka J'aime Tambeur; drums) formed Islands, which found the two more focused on brighter production and neo-psychedelic indie pop. Since forming in early 2005, the Canadian band has also featured a fluctuating lineup of contributors on a wide variety of instruments, both in concert and on record. That list includes Alex and Sebastian Chow (the 1993 and 1994 World Super NES Fest champions), Jim Guthrie (grandson of Woody and nephew of Arlo), and rappers Subtitle and Busdriver. Islands released their debut album, Return to the Sea, in April 2006, supporting its international release with a tour alongside Metric. That May, however, founding member Tambeur announced his departure from the band, a move that required the group to quickly revise its lineup in time for a European tour. Two years later, Islands inked a new contract with ANTI- Records and issued a second album, Arm's Way, which differentiated itself from the previous record by eschewing all guest appearances. The band did end up opening its doors to one particular guest, however, as Tambeur rejoined Islands just in time to appear on their third release, Vapours. His return would be short-lived, however, as the group would announce Tambeur's departure again in 2010, with drummer Aaron Harris, a bandmember between 2006 and 2009, arriving back in the lineup to take his place. In a seemingly endless game of revolving drummers, he was soon replaced by Luc Laurent of the band Pepper Rabbit. The band's next album, A Sleep & a Forgetting, appeared early in 2012. The record was inspired by the dissolution of Thorburn's marriage and featured the most sincere and direct music of the band's career to date. The group's next album, 2013's Ski Mask, featured another new drummer, Adam Halferty, who was joined by two other new additions: brothers Evan and Geordie Gordon of the Guelph, Ontario band the Magic. Three years later in 2016, Islands unveiled their ambitious next project: a pair of distinct crowdfunded albums. Taste showcased the group's electronic, dance-oriented tendencies, while the traditional rock of Should I Remain Here at Sea? was a spiritual sequel to their debut, Return to the Sea. ~ Kenyon Hopkin
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  1.   Song
  2.   Hallways
  3.   Creeper
  4.   No You Don't
  5.   Rough Gem
  6.   Cold Again
  7.   Tender Torture
  8.   Humans
  9.   Right to Be Misbegotten
  10.   Back Into It
  11.   Becoming the Gunship
  12.   Vapours
  13.   The Arm
  14.   [Untitled Track]
  15.   Nil
  16.   Swans (Life After Death)
  17.   At Sea
  18.   Hawaii
  19.   Sun Conure
  20.   Innocent Man
  21.   Stop Me Now
  22.   Fiction
  23.   Whisper
  24.   The Weekend
  25.   The Joke
  26.   Cool Intentions
  27.   Snowflake
  28.   Outspoken Dirtbiker
  29.   No Milk, No Sugar
  30.   It's Heaven
  31.   Pumpkin
  32.   Charm Offensive
  33.   We'll Do It So You Don't Have To
  34.   Of Corpse
  35.   Shotgun Vision
  36.   Here Here
  37.   Hushed Tones
  38.   Sad Middle
  39.   Death Drive
  40.   Wave Forms
  41.   J'aime Vous Voir Quitter
  42.   Oh Maria
  43.   No Crying
  44.   Never Go Solo
  45.   In a Dream It Seemed Real
  46.   Cyanide Breath
  47.   The Drums
  48.   Switched On
  49.   Shining
  50.   Disarming the Car Bomb
  51.   Devout
  52.   Vertigo (If It's a Crime)
  53.   I Feel Evil Creeping In
  54.   We Swim
  55.   In the Rushes
  56.   Life in Jail
  57.   Kids Don't Know Shit
  58.   Abominable Snow
  59.   J'Aime Vous Voire Quitter
  60.   Joy
  61.   If
  62.   Volcanoes
  63.   Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby
  64.   Can't Feel My Face
  65.   Don't I Love You?
  66.   Ones
  67.   On Foreigner
  68.   Where There's A Will A Whalebone
  69.   Lonely Love
  70.   Comes To Light
  71.   Tsuxiit
  72.   Same Thing
  73.   This Is Not a Song
  74.   To a Bond
  75.   Pieces of You
  76.   Fear
  77.   Everything Is Under Control
  78.   Eol
  79.   Carried Away
  80.   Grey Funnel Line
  81.   Swallows
  82.   Winged Beat Drums
  83.   Christmas Tree
  84.   Umbrellas
  85.   Jogging Gorgeous Summer
  86.   Heartbeat

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