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Jag Panzer

A Colorado band formed in 1981, Jag Panzer's style was basic British metal influenced by bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Originally founded by guitarist Mark Briody, bassist John Tetley, drummer Butch Carlson, and vocalist Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin, they released their debut mini-album in 1983. The band moved to Los Angeles to seek out another guitarist, settling on Joey Tafolla, who contributed a great deal to the group's most memorable material. The group's debut album, Ample Destruction, did not bring success as quickly as Tafolla expected, and he left, eventually joining Alice Cooper's band and recording as a solo artist for Shrapnel Records. Carlson and the Tyrant left shortly thereafter, with the Tyrant briefly joining Riot and later forming his own band, Titan Force. Briody and Tetley re-formed the group in 1987 with a new lineup (including vocalist Daniel Conca), and their resulting demo got them a deal with Auburn Records and the opportunity to record a new album. In 1996, the original lineup reunited (with the exception of Carlson, who was replaced by drummer Rikard Stjernquist) for the album The Fourth Judgement, produced by Jim Morris (Death). Age of Mastery followed in 1998, and two years later Jag Panzer returned with Thane to the Throne. Summer 2001 saw the release of another hard-hitting metal effort, Mechanized Warfare. The band would go on to issue two LPs in 2004, their previously bootleg-only debut, Chain of Command, which was recorded in 1987, and the all-new Casting the Stones, the latter of which would be the last studio outing to feature guitarist Chris Broderick, who eventually left the band to join Megadeth. The group disbanded after the release of 2011's Scourge of the Light, citing the increasing costs of touring as a mitigating factor, but they returned in 2017 with album number ten, The Deviant Chord. ~ Steve Huey
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Jag Panzer

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Jag Panzer

  1.   Song
  2.   Take to the Sky
  3.   The Scarlet Letter
  4.   Treachery's Stain
  5.   Warfare
  6.   Hell To Pay
  7.   Bloody Crime
  8.   Lying Deceiver
  9.   Black
  10.   Despair
  11.   Chain of Command
  12.   Iron Shadows
  13.   Battle Zones
  14.   Hidden in My Eyes
  15.   Power Surge
  16.   The Watching
  17.   Licensed to Kill
  18.   Fall of Dunsinane
  19.   The Mission (1943)
  20.   Iron Eagle
  21.   Take This Pain Away
  22.   The Church
  23.   Choir of Tears
  24.   Death Row
  25.   Battered and Bruised
  26.   Tyranny
  27.   Moors
  28.   The Setting of the Sun
  29.   Overlord
  30.   Let It Out
  31.   Precipice
  32.   Feast or Famine
  33.   Metal Melts the Ice
  34.   The Silent
  35.   Unworthy
  36.   The Crucifix
  37.   Cardiac Arrest
  38.   Reign of the Tyrants
  39.   Three Voices of Fate
  40.   Spectres of the Past
  41.   Harder Than Steel
  42.   Banquo's Final Rest
  43.   Prophecies (Fugue In D Minor)
  44.   The Harkening
  45.   Burn
  46.   The Book of Kells
  47.   The Oracle
  48.   Twilight Years
  49.   Under the Knife
  50.   Lustfull and Free
  51.   Legion Immortal
  52.   Edge of Blindness
  53.   Face of Fear
  54.   Cycles
  55.   Generally Hostile
  56.   The Premonitions
  57.   Frozen in Fear
  58.   Displacement
  59.   Requiem For Lady Macbeth
  60.   Eyes of the Night
  61.   Sit on My Face
  62.   Spirit Suicide
  63.   Insanity's Mind
  64.   Age of Mastery
  65.   In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida
  66.   She Waits
  67.   On the Rocks
  68.   Starlight's Fury
  69.   The Downward Fall
  70.   Rock & Roll Suicide
  71.   Burning Heart
  72.   Symphony of Terror
  73.   Black Sunday
  74.   Call of the Wild
  75.   Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  76.   False Messiah
  77.   Forsaken
  78.   Thane of Cawdor
  79.   Cold
  80.   Cold Is the Blade (And the Heart That Welds It)
  81.   All Things Renewed
  82.   Tragedy of Macbeth
  83.   Fate's Triumph
  84.   Condemned to Fight
  85.   Achilles
  86.   Viper
  87.   Future Shock
  88.   Vigilant
  89.   King At A Price
  90.   Sworn to Silence
  91.   Judgement Day
  92.   Ready to Strike
  93.   Children of the Sea
  94.   Sonnet of Sorrow
  95.   Fallen Angel
  96.   Tower of Darkness
  97.   Call to Arms
  98.   Shadow Thief
  99.   Tempest
  100.   Recompense
  101.   Union