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James Asher

Spanning three decades, James Asher's music career began with a long stint composing non-commercial music for soundtracks and library pieces. After deciding to delve deeper and make more serious compositions, he released his commercial debut, The Great Wheel, in 1990. The album reached number 13 on the new age chart and remained on the charts for about two years. After releasing his 1993 album, Globalarium, on Silver Wave Records, he signed with New Earth Records, who issued the majority of his recordings for the remainder of the '90s. Stylistically, Asher's compositions fell into two camps -- percussion-driven ethnic fusion best displayed by his Feet in the Soil and Feet in the Soil 2 records, and gentler works with a more classic new age sound like his 1995 album, Ocean of Stars. Two years later, Asher issued Pemulwuy, which was named in celebration for a strong, legendary Aborigine. He returned to Indian world beats on 1998's Tigers of the Raj, and 1999's Coulours of Trance highlighted Asher's fondness for the poetry of Madeleine Doherty. In the following years he would remix and repackage Tigers of the Raj twice, deliver a sequel to Feet in the Soil, and release his first collaboration with Indian drummer Sivamani (2002's Shaman Drums.) ~ Stacia Proefrock
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James Asher

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James Asher

  1.   Song
  2.   This Stillness
  3.   Red Desert
  4.   Into the Green
  5.   Kalimba Dream by Arthur Hull
  6.   Further East
  7.   Artherial by Arthur Hull
  8.   Hang Fire
  9.   Assam
  10.   Bagatelle
  11.   Far Over the Hill
  12.   Brothers in Rhythm
  13.   Bedouin Wedding
  14.   Kundu Tribal
  15.   Interdimensional Prayer
  16.   Gatekeeping
  17.   Drum Dialogue
  18.   Bells of Freedom
  19.   The Astrologer's Seat
  20.   The Ancient City
  21.   Tammy Tama
  22.   Send in the Tribes
  23.   Raindance
  24.   Panorama Express by Arthur Hull
  25.   Pablo
  26.   Orange
  27.   Crocodile Feet
  28.   Campfire on the Dunes
  29.   Camel Train
  30.   Liquid Sky
  31.   Morning Light
  32.   Janjara
  33.   Mothership by Arthur Hull
  34.   Atlantean Chant
  35.   Madagascan Green by Arthur Hull
  36.   Amma
  37.   Tantango
  38.   Canyon of the Big Didge
  39.   African Sun
  40.   Bushwhackers
  41.   Navajo Sky
  42.   Neptune Dub by Arthur Hull
  43.   Cedar Tree
  44.   Dawn at Dev-Aura
  45.   Return to Egypt
  46.   Amma by Sivamani
  47.   Duskfire
  48.   Network of Light
  49.   Labyrinth
  50.   Rise of the East
  51.   Until the Ice Cracks
  52.   Salute to Cuba
  53.   On the Chariot
  54.   Egyptian Ceremony
  55.   The Great Wheel
  56.   Temple Gates
  57.   Send in the Scribes
  58.   Royal Blue
  59.   Rivers of Life
  60.   Prayer Wheel
  61.   Pemulwuy Returns
  62.   Peace to All Beings
  63.   Ocean of Dreams
  64.   Ocean Spheres
  65.   Lotus Path
  66.   Lakeside
  67.   Going for Gumbo by Arthur Hull
  68.   Silver
  69.   Northpoint
  70.   Through the Flames
  71.   Mandarin Man
  72.   August Moon
  73.   The Medicine Wheel
  74.   Nataraj Express
  75.   Garden of My Heart
  76.   Earth Song
  77.   Standing Ngoma
  78.   Skatersphere
  79.   Violet
  80.   Jeunesse
  81.   Tabasco Rhythm
  82.   Scratch City
  83.   Send in the Drums
  84.   Trans-India
  85.   Cosmic Dust
  86.   Moorish Palaces by Arthur Hull
  87.   Dance of the Light
  88.   Liquid Gold
  89.   Treetops
  90.   Celebration
  91.   Zammo-Zansa
  92.   Green
  93.   Red Rhythm Dragon
  94.   A Drop in the Bucket