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Jason Reeves

When a teenage Jason Reeves encountered the works of Bob Dylan and James Taylor, it set off a chain of events. First he began working on his own songwriting, combining the classic singer/songwriter style with more modern influences like Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens. He then dropped out of college and moved from his native Iowa, eventually landing in California. The second person he met upon arrival was future pop star Colbie Caillat. The two hit it off immediately and it didn't take long for their friendship to turn into a songwriting partnership, one that would create the foundation for Caillat's hit album Coco. The songs that weren't reserved for Coco ended up on Reeves' EP Hearts Are Magnets, which appeared in 2006 on the Dancing Squirrel label. 2007's citically acclaimed Magnificent Adventures of Heartache helped Reeves ink a deal with Warner Bros. the following year. ~ David Jeffries
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Jason Reeves

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Jason Reeves

Top Songs by
Jason Reeves

  1.   Song
  2.   Simple Song
  3.   You in a Song.
  4.   Bicycle
  5.   Helium Hearts
  6.   Wishing Weed
  7.   The End.
  8.   More Than I Meant To
  9.   The Sun Shines on Everything
  10.   Echoes
  11.   Honestly
  12.   No One Ever Taught Us
  13.   Photographs & Memories.
  14.   New Hampshire.
  15.   Skydive
  16.   Permanent
  17.   Everything Is Eventual
  18.   Terrified
  19.   Only With You
  20.   Truth
  21.   How Many Hearts
  22.   Makeshift Aircraft
  23.   Entwined.
  24.   The Fragrant Taste of Rain.
  25.   Song for a Waitress
  26.   Hearts Are Magnets
  27.   Careless
  28.   Sunbeam Lights.
  29.   Someone Somewhere.
  30.   No Lies
  31.   Old Fashioned Letters.
  32.   New York in Wintertime
  33.   Infinity to One
  34.   Pretty Eyes.
  35.   Rescue
  36.   Reaching.
  37.   Gasoline.
  38.   Always Want More
  39.   Just Friends.
  40.   Stained Glass
  41.   Happy Accident.
  42.   Alone
  43.   Never Find Again.
  44.   Save My Heart
  45.   When Life Was Good
  46.   Sticks & Stones

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