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Jason Collett

Toronto native Jason Collett has earned accolades for his solo albums and tenure with several different bands -- most notably Broken Social Scene -- but it was his association with fellow songwriter Andrew Cash that first garnered him critical acclaim. After performing in the Andrew Cash Band during the late '80s and early '90s, Collett joined up with Ursula, an alternative rock spinoff of Cash's previous group. The band toured Canada and opened up for acts such as the Odds, but after several years in the music business, Collett decided to give the profession up for several years. By the mid-'90s, however, the music bug was still in his system, and Collett teamed up with Cash and Hawksley Workman to form the alternative country outfit Bird. The group's sole album, Chrome Reflection, borrowed heavily from pop, rock, and country traditions, all of which would later resurface in Collett's solo work. Before launching his own songwriting career, though, Collett first began hosting a series of singer/songwriter performances that featured members of Blue Rodeo, 54-40, and Skydiggers, among others. A popular meeting place for local musicians, the events helped cement the growing popularity of Toronto's indie music scene. In 2001, Jason Collett released his debut album, Bitter Beauty, and continued hosting the Flood Family songwriters' forum. He also joined the Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene, which found him playing alongside a number of his Toronto peers. Collett took a break from the band in 2005 to focus on his solo career; he issued his sophomore effort, Idols of Exile, soon after. Buoyed by the album's critical acclaim, Collett (now a father of three) found time to work on a third release, whittling down the catalog of 40-plus tunes he had amassed over the previous years. Here's to Being Here was recorded in two quick sessions during the winter of 2007, and the Toronto-based Arts & Crafts label issued the disc in early 2008. He remained with Arts & Crafts for the following album, Rat A Tat Tat, which appeared in March 2010. Pony Tricks, an all-acoustic, 11-track set of reworked songs, arrived later that year. ~ Jason MacNeil
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Jason Collett

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Jason Collett

  1.   Song
  2.   I'll Bring the Sun
  3.   Out of Time
  4.   Honey I Don't Know
  5.   Love Is a Dirty Word
  6.   Pulling the Sun Down
  7.   You're Not The One and Only Lonely One
  8.   Charlyn, Angel of Kensington
  9.   It Won't Be Long
  10.   Silent One
  11.   Lake Superior
  12.   When the War Came Home
  13.   Brother
  14.   My Daddy Was a Rock-n-Roller
  15.   Cold Blue Halo
  16.   Choke Cherry
  17.   Livin' The Dream
  18.   Through the Night These Days
  19.   Airport
  20.   Pink Night
  21.   I Wanna Rob a Bank
  22.   Talk Radio
  23.   Lucky Star
  24.   Ask No Questions
  25.   Hangover Days
  26.   Pacific Blue
  27.   Winnipeg Winds
  28.   Love Is a Chain
  29.   Long May You Love
  30.   Parry Sound
  31.   Brownie Hawkeye
  32.   Love Song To Canada
  33.   Runaway
  34.   False Cassandra
  35.   Rainy Day Rain
  36.   Don't Let the Truth Get To You
  37.   Not Over You
  38.   Henry's Song
  39.   Papercut Hearts
  40.   These Are the Days
  41.   Motor Motel Love Song
  42.   Blue Sky
  43.   All I've Ever Known
  44.   The Slowest Dance
  45.   We All Lose One Another
  46.   Vanderpool Vanderpool
  47.   Sailor Boy
  48.   Stormy Woman Salty Girl
  49.   Super Model
  50.   Too Much
  51.   Diggin' in the Carpet
  52.   Black Diamond Girl
  53.   Jasper Johns Flag
  54.   Bitter Beauty
  55.   Northern Light Letdown
  56.   Rave on Sad Songs
  57.   Little Clown
  58.   Fire
  59.   Tiny Ocean of Tears
  60.   Little Tiger
  61.   Tinsel and Sawdust
  62.   Every Night by Zeus
  63.   No Redemption Song
  64.   Song and Dance Man
  65.   Roll on Oblivion
  66.   Love You Babe
  67.   Got The Glory
  68.   Where Things Go Wrong
  69.   Pavement Puddle Stars
  70.   Somehow
  71.   Nothing to Lose
  72.   Feral Republic
  73.   King James Rag
  74.   Arlington
  75.   Madame Pompadour
  76.   Sorry Lori
  77.   High Summer
  78.   Miss Canada
  79.   Bitch City
  80.   Song of the Silver Haired Hippie
  81.   Sugar Sugar
  82.   Almost Summer
  83.   Forever Young Is Getting Old
  84.   Gabe
  85.   Waiting For the World
  86.   Revolution Style
  87.   Something Beautiful
  88.   It's Only Love
  89.   Gabrielle
  90.   Silent One - Japanese Bonus Track
  91.   Too Much - Japanese Bonus Track
  92.   Every Night
  93.   Provincial Blues
  94.   Long Day's Shadow
  95.   Little Sparrow
  96.   If She Don't Love Me Now
  97.   Singing American
  98.   Black Oak Savanna
  99.   Where Does Your Love Go?
  100.   Nobody's Fool
  101.   It Don't Matter Anymore
  102.   Staring at the Sun