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Jay Reatard

Memphis-based punk rock juggernaut Jay Reatard adopted a fistful of musical approaches, beginning in the late '90s in his bedroom, where he recorded punk, synth punk, power pop and straightforward rock & roll tunes at a frantic pace. Reatard was born Jay Lindsey and dropped out of school when he was 15, owing to boredom with conventional education and a problematic home life. Lindsey became interested in rock & roll when he heard Nirvana via MTV, and in his mid-teens he began writing songs. After seeing Memphis punk blues legends the Oblivians open for Rocket from the Crypt, Lindsey was inspired to try something similar and created the Reatards, which initially was just Lindsey, who sang, played guitar, and beat on a bucket with a stick for the benefit of his four-track cassette machine. Eric Friedl, aka Eric Oblivian of the Oblivians, was impressed enough with Lindsey's early recordings to offer to release a Reatards record through his label Goner Records, and their debut 7" EP, Get Real Stupid, appeared in 1998, with Lindsey adopting the stage name Jay Reatard. A full-length Reatards album, Teenage Hate, appeared later the same year, with Reatard forming a three-piece version of the Reatards so the band could play live, featuring Steve Albundy Reatard on bass and Elvis Wong Reatard on drums. A second Reatards LP, Grown Up Fucked Up, was issued by Seattle's Empty Records in 1999, but the following year, Reatard formed a side project, the Lost Sounds, which soon became his main musical outlet. Featuring Reatard's then-girlfriend Alicja Trout on keyboards and guitar and drummer Rich Crook, the Lost Sounds were a synth punk band heavily influenced by the Screamers, with Reatard and Trout trading vocals back and forth; they released four albums between 2001 and 2004, but abruptly split up in 2005. During the Lost Sounds' lifespan, Reatard briefly reunited the Reatards and performed with the Bad Times (featuring Eric Friedl), the Final Solutions (including Reatard and high-school buddies from the band the Jackmonkeys) and Angry Angles (a collaboration with members of the Lids, Die Rötzz, and Tokyo Electron), and after their breakup he briefly recorded with Terror Visions and Destruction Units. In 2006, Reatard stepped out as a solo artist, releasing a single "Hammer, I Miss You" on Goner and a full-length album, Blood Visions, via In the Red. After issuing a handful of solo 7"s, Reatard signed with Matador Records in 2008, and in April of that year he released the first in a series of six singles for the label, "See Saw." In June, Matador released Singles 06-07 which gathered up songs from an array of singles and labels, then followed it in October with Matador Singles '08, which collected all the singles released for the label in 2008 plus one bonus track. His manic pace of touring and putting out records continued with the release of Watch Me Fall in 2009. Reatard' s career and life were cut short when he was found dead in his Memphis home on January 13th, 2010. ~ Mark Deming
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Jay Reatard

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Jay Reatard

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Jay Reatard

  1.   Song
  2.   Blood Visions
  3.   See/Saw
  4.   Oh It's Such a Shame
  5.   Always Wanting More
  6.   It Ain't Gonna Save Me
  7.   Painted Shut
  8.   It's So Easy
  9.   In the Dark
  10.   DOA
  11.   Trapped Here
  12.   Greed, Money, Useless Children
  13.   Pull Down the Shades
  14.   Wounded
  15.   There Is No Sun
  16.   Rotten Mind
  17.   My Reality
  18.   Man of Steel
  19.   Hang Them All
  20.   Faking It
  21.   You Were Sleeping
  22.   No Time
  23.   Hiding Hole
  24.   An Ugly Death
  25.   Screaming Hand
  26.   Let It All Go
  27.   Haunting You
  28.   Searching for You
  29.   All Wasted
  30.   It's So Useless
  31.   Hammer I Miss You
  32.   Don't Let Him Come Back
  33.   I Know a Place
  34.   All Over Again
  35.   Another Person
  36.   Night of Broken Glass
  37.   Puppet Man
  38.   My Shadow
  39.   My Family
  40.   Death Is Forming
  41.   Not a Substitute
  42.   Nightmares
  43.   I See You Standing There
  44.   We Who Wait
  45.   Waiting For Something
  46.   Fading All Away
  47.   Before I Was Caught
  48.   Fluorescent Grey (Deerhunter)
  49.   Turning Blue
  50.   Feeling Blank Again
  51.   You Mean Nothing To Me
  52.   I'm Watching You
  53.   Nothing Now
  54.   Can't Do It Anymore
  55.   Live on VPRO, Netherlands (5/16/07)
  56.   Live at the Cakeshop, Brooklyn (10/10/07)
  57.   Live at the Sailor Jerry Store, Philadelphia (7/27/07)
  58.   Live in Las Vegas, Nevada (8/28/07)
  59.   TBC
  60.   Flourescent Grey
  61.   No Name
  62.   Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle

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