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JEFF the Brotherhood

An actual brotherhood, though not actually containing anyone named Jeff, JEFF the Brotherhood is the brainchild of brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall (who also played in Be Your Own Pet). The sons of successful songwriter Robert Ellis Orrall, the Nashville duo started out in 2001 while they were still in high school. Combining psychedelic rock, garage, and power pop influences, the pair have cultivated an eccentric, driving sound that explores the boundaries of rock & roll without forgetting the importance of a solid melodic hook, at times evoking a heavier but more stripped-down version of Cheap Trick. Through their own Infinity Cat label, JEFF the Brotherhood created a prolific body of work starting in 2002 with I Like You. The band followed up with a quick run of limited albums, including 2005's The Byzantine Empire, 2006's Castle Storm, and 2008's The Boys R Back in Town. In 2009, the pair released their first widely distributed album, Heavy Days, and expanded their fan base to include the indie set through collaborations with Best Coast and Screaming Females. The year 2011 would also prove to be big for JEFF the Brotherhood, with the band releasing the live album Live at Third Man through Jack White's Third Man Records, as well as another full-length, We Are the Champions. Their next album found the band participating in two high-profile team-ups, first recording with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, and then signing on with Warner Bros. to release their 2012 album Hypnotic Nights. In 2014, the duo followed up with Dig the Classics, an EP that found them tackling covers of artists like My Bloody Valentine, Pixies, and the Wipers. The brothers returned to the studio in 2014 with Joe Chiccarelli (My Morning Jacket, the Strokes) to record their second album for Warner Bros. Wasted on the Dream saw the pair joined by bassist Jack Lawrence on all tracks, with guest spots from Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino, Diarrhea Planet's Evan Bird and Emmett Miller, and Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson. However, the band and the label had a serious falling-out, and in February 2015 JEFF the Brotherhood announced they were no longer Warner Bros. recording artists, and released Wasted on the Dream on their own Infinity Cat label in March 2015. Freed from major-label pressures and expectations, they quickly followed up in November of the same year with Global Chakra Rhythms, a hazy, experimental double LP that found them returning to the more lo-fi psych sound of their earlier days. That return to their roots continued on 2016's Zone. ~ Gregory Heaney
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JEFF the Brotherhood

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JEFF the Brotherhood

  1.   Song
  2.   Sixpack
  3.   U Got the Look
  4.   Bummer
  5.   Stay Up Late
  6.   Mellow Out
  7.   Shredder
  8.   Cool Out
  9.   Diamond Way
  10.   Black Cherry Pie
  11.   Cancer Killer
  12.   I Don't Want to Die
  13.   Oh No, No You Don't
  14.   Seasonal Jam
  15.   Particle Beam Dream
  16.   Dark Energy
  17.   Heavy Krishna
  18.   Dreamscape
  19.   Pillars of Creation
  20.   Doo It Again
  21.   Mystified Minds
  22.   Growing
  23.   Voyage into Dreams
  24.   Totally Confused
  25.   What's a Creep
  26.   Wood Ox
  27.   Mad Dog 20/20
  28.   Droom Kit
  29.   Cujo
  30.   Heavy Days
  31.   My Back Hurts
  32.   Liquid Onyx
  33.   Solstice Canyon
  34.   Food and Wine Festival
  35.   Chilled to Bones
  36.   Prairie Song
  37.   Mystery
  38.   Stoo a Soop
  39.   Dream Theatre Dream
  40.   Marie Provost
  41.   Changes
  42.   Leave Me Out
  43.   Mystic Portal II
  44.   Wastoid Girl
  45.   Health and Strength
  46.   Mind Ride
  47.   Bone Jam
  48.   Continental Breakfast
  49.   Oh Globe
  50.   Noo Sixties
  51.   Glen Echo
  52.   Pringle Variations
  53.   In My Dreams
  54.   Hypnotic Mind
  55.   Some Fun
  56.   Whatever I Want
  57.   Endless Fire
  58.   Come in Alone
  59.   Melting Place
  60.   Doo It
  61.   I Don't Need Your Tas-T
  62.   Global Chakra Rhythms
  63.   Steamship
  64.   Tasty Breez
  65.   Staring At The Wall
  66.   Everything I Needed
  67.   Ghost Ride Th' Whip To Berlin
  68.   The Tropics
  69.   Region Of Fire
  70.   Gouge Away
  71.   Heavy Damage
  72.   Gemstone
  73.   Mary of Silence
  74.   Deep Space Bound on the Edge of Reality
  75.   Radiating Fiber Plane
  76.   (Intro) (Love Explosion)/Like a Fish in Water
  77.   Country Life
  78.   Cosmic Vision
  79.   Karaoke, TN
  80.   In My Mouth
  81.   Shuck the Corn
  82.   Screaming Banshee
  83.   Hypnotic Winter
  84.   Side One
  85.   Hot Glo O
  86.   I Dream Of Jake And Jamin
  87.   Hey Friend
  88.   Lightly Toasted/Burned to a Crisp
  89.   Ripper
  90.   Extra Good
  91.   Side Two
  92.   Pleasure Centre
  93.   Coat Check Girl

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