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Jennifer Holliday

Texan Jennifer Holliday gained national recognition when she had the lead in the Broadway musical Your Arm's Too Short to Box with God. Her performance led to her star-making performance in Dreamgirls, an adaptation of The Supremes' saga. The show featured her show-stealing take on "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," which became a hit single in 1982. That led her to a career in pop music, although she never recaptured her initial success. She returned to the stage in 1985, appearing in Sing, Mahalia, Sing; she continued to release pop music albums while starring on Broadway. In either setting, she's a hardy, throaty, soul belter who chews on every lyric, infusing them with emotional statements.
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Jennifer Holliday

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Albums by
Jennifer Holliday

Top Songs by
Jennifer Holliday

  1.   Song
  2.   And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
  3.   No Frills Love
  4.   I Am Changing
  5.   Read It in My Eyes
  6.   Prelude... Invitation to Love
  7.   I'm on Your Side
  8.   He Ain't Special (He's Just the One I Love)
  9.   A Change Is Gonna Come
  10.   Love Dance
  11.   Just Let Me Wait
  12.   Love Me by Name
  13.   Love Is on the Way
  14.   Prelude... The Promise for True-Love
  15.   Are You Leaving Me?
  16.   Prelude... Two Hearts "Real-Talk" in Love
  17.   Nobody Does It Better
  18.   Prelude... Jenny's Serenade of Love
  19.   No More Sorrow
  20.   I Am Love
  21.   This Day
  22.   Early Warning
  23.   Touch
  24.   Love Can Build a Bridge
  25.   The Look of Love
  26.   My Sweet Delight by Greg Phillanganes
  27.   Love Me
  28.   He's No Good
  29.   I'll Praise His Name
  30.   You're the One
  31.   It's Not About You
  32.   Love Me By My Name
  33.   You Better Watch Out
  34.   You've Got to Rise Up
  35.   Think It Over
  36.   A Woman's Got the Power
  37.   I Fall Apart
  38.   Shine a Light
  39.   I Am Ready Now
  40.   Givin' Up
  41.   I Never Thought I'd Fall in Love Again
  42.   Ain't It Just Like Love
  43.   Get Close to My Love
  44.   New at It
  45.   Think It Over
  46.   Peace in Our Time
  47.   No Frills Love '96
  48.   Blues in the Night
  49.   Raise the Roof
  50.   Hallelujah, Amen!
  51.   It Is Well With My Soul
  52.   Healing Hands
  53.   In Spite of It All
  54.   On and On (Stronger)
  55.   To Teach Me
  56.   Someday
  57.   Heart on the Line
  58.   This Game of Love (I'm Never Coming Down)
  59.   Come Sunday
  60.   He's a Pretender
  61.   Just a Matter of Time
  62.   Dreams Never Die
  63.   I Rest My Case
  64.   What Kind of Love Is This
  65.   Hard Time for Lovers
  66.   Is It Love
  67.   The We Are One
  68.   Show Some Sign
  69.   The One You Used to Be (Memories)
  70.   The Song Is You featuring Joe Gransden
  71.   At Last
  72.   More 'N' More
  73.   Guilty
  74.   A Dream With Your Name on It
  75.   The Softly And Tenderly
  76.   It's in There
  77.   This Is the Year
  78.   Say You Love Me
  79.   If It Had Not Been
  80.   The Wonder of You
  81.   It Will Haunt Me
  82.   Let Jesus Love You
  83.   Love Stories
  84.   Just for a While

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