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Jermaine Jackson

The lone Jackson family member to stay with Motown while the other brothers split for CBS/Epic (he was then married to Berry Gordy's daughter Hazel), Jermaine enjoyed a artistically diffident career during the '70s at Motown, surfacing with an occasional hit like a remake of "Daddy's Home" (1972) and "Let's Be Young Tonight" (1975). Jermaine got a badly needed shot in the arm from Stevie Wonder, who wrote and produced "Let's Get Serious," a Top Ten pop and soul dance hit that came around the time of brother Michael's pop ascendancy. After scoring a Top 20 pop hit in 1982 with the infectious "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy," Jermaine left Motown in 1983 for Arista Records, where he scored a pair of hits in 1984 with "Do What You Do" and the scintillating dance number "Dynamite." Subsequently, he re-joined the Jacksons in time for their ill-fated Victory tour in 1984. Jackson has recorded sporadically since, though he generated controversy in 1991 when "Word to the Badd," a thinly veiled attack on his brother Michael, was leaked out to urban music stations. ~ John Lowe
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Jermaine Jackson

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Jermaine Jackson

Top Songs by
Jermaine Jackson

  1.   Song
  2.   Do What You Do
  3.   Let's Get Serious
  4.   You Like Me Don't You
  5.   Daddy's Home
  6.   Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming (Too Good To Be True)
  7.   Dynamite
  8.   Don't Take It Personal
  9.   Very Special Part
  10.   Where Are You Now
  11.   If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful
  12.   You Need to Be Loved
  13.   I Think It's Love
  14.   Castles of Sand
  15.   Let Me Tickle Your Fancy
  16.   Our Love Story
  17.   She's the Ideal Girl
  18.   Make It Easy on Love
  19.   Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone
  20.   Voices in the Dark
  21.   Give a Little Love
  22.   So Right
  23.   Two Ships (In the Night)
  24.   Precious Moments
  25.   Save Tomorrow
  26.   Don't Make Me Wait
  27.   Next to You
  28.   (C'mon) Feel the Need
  29.   Climb Out
  30.   Erucu
  31.   I'd Like to Get to Know You
  32.   Word to the Badd!!
  33.   Don't You Deserve Someone
  34.   Secrets
  35.   A Lovers Holiday
  36.   Treat You Right
  37.   We're Making Woopee
  38.   I Dream, I Dream
  39.   Rebel (With a Cause)
  40.   You Said, You Said
  41.   When the Rain Begins to Fall
  42.   All Revved Up
  43.   Rise to the Occasion
  44.   (Closest Thing To) Perfect
  45.   Burnin' Hot
  46.   Little Girl Don't You Worry
  47.   You're Supposed to Keep Your Love for Me
  48.   Let's Be Young Tonight
  49.   You're in Good Hands
  50.   Some Things Are Private
  51.   Come to Me (One Way or Another)
  52.   Escape from the Planet of the Ant Men
  53.   Sweetest Sweetest
  54.   Paradise in Your Eyes
  55.   Words into Action
  56.   Do You Remember Me
  57.   Oh Mother
  58.   That's How Love Goes
  59.   I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
  60.   I Hear Heartbeat
  61.   I Lost My Love in the Big City
  62.   Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)
  63.   Indifference
  64.   Season's Greetings From Jermaine Jackson
  65.   True Lovers
  66.   I'm Just Too Shy

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