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The Jesus Lizard

Willfully abrasive and atonal, the Jesus Lizard emerged in the early '90s as a leading noise rock band in the American independent underground. During the first part of the decade, the band turned out a series of independent records filled with scathing, disembowelling, guitar-driven pseudo-industrial noise, all of which received positive reviews in underground music publications and heavy college-radio play. By the mid-'90s, the group's following had grown large enough to convince a major label, Capitol Records, to sign the band. The Jesus Lizard was formed by Duane Denison (guitar), David Yow (vocals), and David Sims (bass), the latter two being former members of the Austin-based post-hardcore noise group Scratch Acid. After Scratch Acid disbanded, Sims joined Rapeman, an abrasive indie rock group led by Steve Albini. The recording and performing schedule of Rapeman was rather erratic, so Sims formed the Jesus Lizard with Yow and Denison in 1987. Originally, the group performed with a drum machine, much like Albini's previous band, Big Black. Albini produced the group's debut EP, Pure, which was released on Touch & Go in 1989; the producer would work on every Jesus Lizard release on Touch & Go. The Jesus Lizard added a human drummer, Mac McNeilly, in late 1989 and he appeared on the band's first full-length album, 1990's Head. The following year, the group released its second album, Goat, which received positive reviews from mainstream music publications such as Spin. By the time of the release of Goat, the band had cultivated a large cult following among the American indie rock underground, based on both their records and their notoriously reckless, occasionally violent and vulgar, live performances. In 1992, the Jesus Lizard released a split single with Nirvana ("Puss" [Jesus Lizard]/"Oh the Guilt" [Nirvana]), who had just broken into the rock & roll mainstream with their second album, Nevermind. That same year, the band released its third album, Liar. In 1993, the group was relatively quiet, releasing only the "Lash" single. Early in 1994, the Jesus Lizard released a one-shot album on Giant Records called Show, their first appearance on a major label. The fact that the Jesus Lizard released a record on a major label caused tension between the band and their longtime producer, Steve Albini, who was notorious for his indie-centric beliefs. Although he produced Down, the group's final Touch & Go album, he severed ties with the band by the time the record was released in the fall of 1994. In 1995, the Jesus Lizard signed with Capitol Records and the band toured with Lollapalooza 1995. At one of the shows on the tour, David Yow was arrested for exposing himself on-stage. Later in 1995, the group recorded their major-label debut. The resulting album, Shot, was released on Capitol in the spring of 1996. Blue followed in 1998; in mid-1999, the Jesus Lizard disbanded. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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The Jesus Lizard

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The Jesus Lizard

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The Jesus Lizard

  1.   Song
  2.   Killer McHann
  3.   Thumper
  4.   Glamorous
  5.   Mouth Breather
  6.   Boilermaker
  7.   Rodeo in Juliet
  8.   Seasick
  9.   Needles for Teeth
  10.   More Beautiful Than Barbie
  11.   Skull of a German
  12.   Good Riddance
  13.   Zachariah
  14.   Rope
  15.   The Art of Self-Defense
  16.   Then Comes Dudley
  17.   Pop Song
  18.   Fly on the Wall
  19.   Lady Shoes
  20.   Rodeo in Joliet
  21.   South Mouth
  22.   Pastoral
  23.   My Own Urine
  24.   Blockbuster
  25.   Deaf as a Bat
  26.   50 ¢
  27.   If You Had Lips
  28.   White Hole
  29.   Sunday You Need Love
  30.   7 Vs. 8
  31.   Chrome
  32.   Starlet
  33.   Rabid Pigs
  34.   Tight 'n Shiny
  35.   Good Thing
  36.   Waxeater
  37.   S.D.B.J.
  38.   One Evening
  39.   Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along
  40.   Terremoto
  41.   Happy Snakes
  42.   Soft Damage
  43.   Until It Stopped to Die
  44.   Postcoital Glow
  45.   And Then the Rain
  46.   A Tale of Two Women
  47.   Eucalyptus
  48.   Horse Doctor Man
  49.   I Can Learn
  50.   Panic in Cicero
  51.   Cold Water
  52.   The Associate
  53.   Queen For a Day
  54.   Countless Backs of Sad Losers
  55.   The Best Parts
  56.   Din
  57.   Horse
  58.   American Bb
  59.   Low Rider
  60.   Uncommonly Good
  61.   Destroy Before Reading
  62.   Pervertedly Slow
  63.   Inamorata
  64.   Now Then
  65.   Too Bad About the Fire
  66.   Trephination
  67.   Bloody Mary
  68.   Mistletoe
  69.   Nub
  70.   Elegy
  71.   Dancing Naked Ladies
  72.   Puss
  73.   Gladiator
  74.   Wheelchair Epidemic
  75.   Monkey Trick
  76.   Karpis
  77.   Slave Ship
  78.   Whirl
  79.   Perk
  80.   Blue Shot
  81.   Thumbscrews
  82.   Mailman
  83.   Churl
  84.   Anna
  85.   The Test

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