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JJ Grey & Mofro

Although Mofro is based in the Florida city of Jacksonville, near where JJ Grey and Daryl Hance grew up, the band actually formed across the Atlantic in London. The Floridians were in Great Britain to work on a recording contract that ended up going sour. While in London, the two musicians made the acquaintance of Nathan Shepherd, a keyboard player from Down Under, and Fabrice Quentin, a bassist who hails from France. Shepherd and Quentin joined them for a short time under the Mofro moniker. Unfortunately, the band's situation took an almost deadly turn following a show in Jacksonville that was supposed to be the start of a U.S. tour. Following an evening at the city's Marquee Theatre, bandmembers were involved in an auto accident. Grey's wife sustained serious injuries, while Shepherd needed a period of rehabilitation and he returned to Australia. Their firs talbum, Blackwater appeare din 2001, while 2004's Lochloosa, signalled the first of many personnel changes.The album featured included founding members Grey, Hance, and Quentin, plus keyboard player Mike Shapiro and drummer Craig Barnette. While Grey kept the name Mofro on all subsequent recordings from 2007's Country Ghetto through 2015's Ol' Glory, he remained not only its frontman, but its only constant member; he employed different lineups to suit the material he recorded. ~ Linda Seida
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JJ Grey & Mofro

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    Electric Blues
    5 songs

    Classic Blues Rock

    Classic Blues Rock
    2 songs

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Albums by
JJ Grey & Mofro

Top Songs by
JJ Grey & Mofro

  1.   Song
  2.   Your Lady, She's Shady
  3.   Country Ghetto
  4.   The Sweetest Thing
  5.   War
  6.   99 Shades of Crazy
  7.   Standing on the Edge
  8.   Turpentine
  9.   Diyo Dayo
  10.   The Hottest Spot in Hell
  11.   The Hurricane
  12.   Everything Is a Song
  13.   Mississippi
  14.   Brighter Days
  15.   The Sun Is Shining Down
  16.   Whitehouse
  17.   Tic Tac Toe
  18.   Every Minute
  19.   Dirtfloorcracker
  20.   Gotta Know
  21.   Georgia Warhorse
  22.   Lochloosa
  23.   Lazy Fo Acre
  24.   Ol' Glory
  25.   A Night to Remember
  26.   Tupelo Honey
  27.   Harp & Drums
  28.   Somebody Else
  29.   Hide & Seek
  30.   Tupelo Honey by J.J. Grey
  31.   The Wrong Side by J.J. Grey
  32.   Brighter Days
  33.   Everything Good Is Bad
  34.   Orange Blossoms
  35.   Tragic
  36.   Pray for Rain
  37.   Frog Giggin'
  38.   Blackwater
  39.   Home in the Sky
  40.   Brave Lil' Fighter
  41.   Turn Loose
  42.   Light a Candle
  43.   Write a Letter
  44.   Air
  45.   Slow, Hot & Sweaty
  46.   Ho Cake
  47.   I Believe (In Everything)
  48.   Dew Drops
  49.   On Fire
  50.   The Truth
  51.   The Devil You Know
  52.   Goodbye
  53.   On Palastine
  54.   The Long Way Home
  55.   Everybody's
  56.   Six Ways from Sunday
  57.   Ten Thousand Islands
  58.   Fireflies
  59.   That Boy
  60.   How Junior Got His Head Put Out
  61.   Florida
  62.   Ho Cake
  63.   Air
  64.   Jookhouse
  65.   Nare Sugar
  66.   The Ballad of Larry Webb
  67.   Footsteps
  68.   Gal Youngin
  69.   King Hummingbird
  70.   Circles
  71.   Santa Clause, True Love and Freedom
  72.   A Woman
  73.   By My Side
  74.   The Wrong Side
  75.   This River
  76.   Florabama
  77.   Hold on Tight
  78.   The Island
  79.   Free
  80.   Tame a Wild One
  81.   Cracka Break
  82.   Ya'll Ready

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