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Job For A Cowboy

Unleashing a relentless fusion of hardcore and death metal with the precision guitar attack of progressive metal, Job for a Cowboy was formed in Glendale, Arizona in 2002. The group was founded by vocalist Jonny Davy, guitarists Ravi Bhadriraju and Andrew Arcurio, bassist Chad Staples, and drummer Andy Rysdam, and the band cut their first demo CD in 2004. Later that year, Staples and Rysdam left Job for a Cowboy, with Brent Riggs and Elliott Sellers stepping in as bassist and drummer, respectively. In 2005, the band recorded a six-song EP, Doom, which attracted the attention of Arizona independent label King of the Monsters, who distributed the disc after an initial self-released pressing by the band. Doom earned a potent buzz in metal circles, enhanced by extensive touring, and Metal Blade signed the band in 2006, reissuing Doom with a bonus track. Also in 2006, Arcurio dropped out of Job for a Cowboy, and new guitarist Bobby Thompson joined the group. While Job for a Cowboy were writing material for their first full-length album, Sellers left the band, and Jon "The Charm" Rice became their new percussionist. Recorded between road trips with producer Andy Sneap at the controls, the group's first album, Genesis, was released in May 2007 by Metal Blade. Ravi Bhadriraju left the group the following year to focus on his medical studies, and was replaced by Despised Icon guitarist Al Glassman, who made his studio debut (along with Jon Rice) on 2009's Ruination. More personnel shifts followed in 2011 with the departures of bassist Brent Riggs and guitarist Bobby Thompson, who were replaced by Nick Schendzielos (Cephalic Carnage) and Tony Sannicandro, both of whom appeared on that year's digital-only Gloom EP, and on the band's 2012 long-player Demonocracy. Rice left the fold in 2013, leaving drumming duties for the band's fourth full-length album to session drummer Danny Walker. The resulting Sun Eater arrived the following year. ~ Mark Deming
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Job For A Cowboy

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    Death Metal
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Job For A Cowboy

Top Songs by
Job For A Cowboy

  1.   Song
  2.   Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
  3.   Regurgitated Disinformation
  4.   Entombment of a Machine
  5.   Sun of Nihility
  6.   The Stone Cross
  7.   Lords of Chaos
  8.   To Detonate and Exterminate
  9.   Martyrdom Unsealed
  10.   Knee Deep
  11.   Strings of Hypocrisy
  12.   [Untitled]
  13.   Tarnished Gluttony
  14.   The Divine Falsehood
  15.   Blasphemy
  16.   Ruination
  17.   Constitutional Masturbation
  18.   The Synthetic Sea by George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher
  19.   Eating the Visions of God
  20.   The Deity Misconception
  21.   Suspended by the Throat
  22.   Plastic Idols
  23.   Misery Reformatory
  24.   Black Discharge
  25.   Nourishment Through Bloodshed
  26.   Reduced to Mere Filth
  27.   Altered from Catechization
  28.   Catharsis for the Buried
  29.   Worming Nightfall
  30.   Buried Monuments
  31.   The Celestial Antidote
  32.   Fearmonger
  33.   The Manipulation Stream
  34.   Tongueless and Bound
  35.   Imperium Wolves
  36.   Children of Deceit
  37.   The Matter of Splatter
  38.   Summon the Hounds
  39.   Psychological Immorality
  40.   March to Global Enslavement
  41.   Butchering the Enlightened
  42.   Relinquished
  43.   The Rising Tide
  44.   Bearing the Serpents Lamb
  45.   Coalescing Prophecy
  46.   Embedded
  47.   Upheaval
  48.   Execution Parade
  49.   Encircled By Mirrors
  50.   Signature of Starving Power
  51.   A Global Shift
  52.   Entities
  53.   Upheaval to Heaven
  54.   March to the Global Enslavement

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