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After spending 16 years as the singer/guitarist in the Icelandic group Sigur Rós, Jon Thor Birgisson renamed himself Jónsi and began a solo career. Though he had used the name before on a project with Alex Somers (as Jónsi & Alex on 2009’s album Riceboy Sleeps), the pixie-voiced singer’s first solo album under the Jónsi name was Go, which was released on longtime label XL in the spring of 2010. Featuring more upbeat and poppy songs than those he had written and sung with Sigur Rós, Jónsi was joined on the album by Somers, modern composer/arranger Nico Muhly, and Samuli Kosminen. Shortly after the release of the album, Jónsi began a world-wide tour that lasted the rest of the year. The album sold a fair amount of copies and his profile was boosted by the appearance of a newly recorded track, "Sticks and Stones," for the soundtrack of the hit children's movie How to Train Your Dragon. In November of 2010, Jónsi released Go Live, a CD/DVD set that included live recordings taken during the European leg of the tour on the CD and live footage of dress rehearsals shot before the tour kicked off. Jónsi's song on the Dragon soundtrack led to his working with Cameron Crowe on the soundtrack to the director's 2011 film We Bought a Zoo. ~ Tim Sendra
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  1.   Song
  2.   Go Do
  3.   Boy Lilikoi
  4.   We Bought a Zoo~Gathering Stories
  5.   Hengilás
  6.   Animal Arithmetic
  7.   We Bought a Zoo~We bought a zoo
  8.   We Bought a Zoo~Sink Ships
  9.   Augnablik af ást
  10.   Grow Till Tall
  11.   Skuggi
  12.   Regnið fellur
  13.   Söngfugl
  14.   Grænuengi
  15.   We Bought a Zoo~Whole made of pieces
  16.   We Bought a Zoo~Sun
  17.   We Bought a Zoo~Ævin ender
  18.   Sinking Friendships
  19.   Kolnidur
  20.   Around Us
  21.   Ég hef lengi dáð þig
  22.   Til stjarnanna
  23.   Ég elska þig svo blint
  24.   Tornado
  25.   Blinda
  26.   Gló
  27.   We Bought a Zoo~Brambles
  28.   We Bought a Zoo~Why not?
  29.   We Bought a Zoo~Humming
  30.   We Bought a Zoo~First day
  31.   Lítill drengur
  32.   We Bought a Zoo~Snærisendar
  33.   Ef svarar þú mér
  34.   Hve ung við vorum þá
  35.   Icicle Sleeves
  36.   New Piano Song
  37.   Saint Naive
  38.   Stars In Still Water
  39.   Sticks and Stones
  40.   Volume Pedal Song
  41.   Manhattan Main Title by Alex
  42.   Arrival at Los Alamos by Alex
  43.   Don't Have Time for This S**T by Alex
  44.   Building an Atomic Bomb by Alex
  45.   There's Something I Need To Tell You by Alex
  46.   Lost Time is Never Found Again by Alex
  47.   End Credits 102 by Alex
  48.   Crosley's Letter by Alex
  49.   I Handle the Camera by Alex
  50.   Nuclear Babies by Alex
  51.   The Fog of War by Alex
  52.   Frank Gets an Idea by Alex
  53.   What Do You Want Right Now? by Alex
  54.   Charlie's Speech featuring Jeff Russo
  55.   Meeks Climbs the Tower featuring Jeff Russo
  56.   Fresh Off the Boat featuring Jeff Russo
  57.   Take the Job featuring Jeff Russo
  58.   Changes in the Tech Area featuring Jeff Russo
  59.   Phone Call with Jean featuring Jeff Russo
  60.   Things are Coming to a Finish featuring Jeff Russo
  61.   Dawn of the Atomic Age featuring Jeff Russo
  62.   Kolniður

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