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Jukebox the Ghost

Pianist Ben Thornewill, guitarist Tommy Siegel, and drummer Jesse Kristin first came together in 2003 as undergraduate students at George Washington University. Sporting a quirky, brainy pop sound that took its cues from the likes of Ben Folds and They Might Be Giants, the three logged several years together under a different name, the Sunday Mail, before rebranding themselves Jukebox the Ghost in 2005. Following graduation, they released their debut album, Let Live & Let Ghosts, and relocated to Philadelphia. Boosted by positive reviews, Jukebox the Ghost began touring in earnest, first as the opening act for one of their biggest influences (Ben Folds) and then alongside some of their pop-minded contemporaries (Tally Hall, Jenny Owen Youngs, Nightmare of You). By early 2010, they’d signed with Yep Roc Records and gone into the studio with producer Peter Katis, known for his work with atmospheric rock bands like Interpol and the National. With Katis adding a darker element to the band’s sound, Jukebox the Ghost released their second album, Everything Under the Sun, in September. That same year, the group celebrated a milestone with an appearance on the David Letterman Show, followed by tours with Barenaked Ladies and Jack's Mannequin, before heading back into the studio to record their third full-length, 2012's Safe Travels. In May 2014 the band issued the single "The Great Unknown," which was followed by their eponymous fourth long-player later that fall. The following year saw the band sign with Interscope subsidiary Cherrytree Records and reissue the album, as well release a new single, a cover of the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian" that was recorded with new label-mates Secret Someones. ~ Andrew Leahey
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Jukebox the Ghost

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Jukebox the Ghost

  1.   Song
  2.   Good Day
  3.   Hold It In
  4.   Victoria
  5.   Somebody
  6.   Postcard
  7.   Schizophrenia
  8.   Mistletoe
  9.   Don't Let Me Fall Behind
  10.   Carrying
  11.   The Sun
  12.   Summer Sun
  13.   Made For Ending
  14.   Sound of a Broken Heart
  15.   Medley
  16.   Half Crazy
  17.   Nobody
  18.   Long Way Home
  19.   Empire
  20.   Static
  21.   When the Nights Get Long
  22.   Ghosts in Empty Houses
  23.   Adulthood
  24.   I Love You Always Forever
  25.   Lighting Myself On Fire
  26.   The Stars
  27.   The One
  28.   Girl
  29.   My Heart's the Same
  30.   Hollywood
  31.   The Great Unknown
  32.   The Spiritual
  33.   Man in the Moon
  34.   Oh, Emily
  35.   Temptation
  36.   So Let Us Create
  37.   A Matter of Time
  38.   Beady Eyes On the Horizon
  39.   Undeniable You
  40.   All for Love
  41.   Everybody Knows
  42.   Miss Templeton's 7000th Dream
  43.   Show Me Where It Hurts
  44.   Devils on Our Side
  45.   Dead
  46.   Say When
  47.   Where Are All the Scientists Now?
  48.   Fire In the Sky
  49.   Under My Skin
  50.   At Last
  51.   The Popular Thing
  52.   Static To the Heart
  53.   It's A Beautiful Life
  54.   Somebody Commentary
  55.   Oh, Emily Commentary
  56.   At Last Commentary
  57.   Say When Commentary
  58.   Don't Let Me Fall Behind Commentary
  59.   Dead Commentary
  60.   Adulthood Commentary
  61.   Ghosts In Empty Houses Commentary
  62.   Devils On Our Side/All For Love Commentary
  63.   Man In The Moon Commentary
  64.   Everybody Knows Commentary
  65.   The Spiritual Commentary
  66.   Walk Like An Egyptian by Secret Someones
  67.   [Untitled]
  68.   [Untitled]
  69.   [Untitled]
  70.   [Untitled]
  71.   [Untitled]
  72.   [Untitled]
  73.   [Untitled]
  74.   [Untitled]
  75.   [Untitled]
  76.   [Untitled]
  77.   [Untitled]
  78.   [Untitled]

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