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Junior Boys

A Hamilton, Ontario-based electronic pop group, Junior Boys began as a duo with duties split between Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark. Influenced by a number of underground and commercial sectors, including post-disco, arty synth pop, minimal techno, U.K. garage, and certain contemporary rap production styles, the two made a demo with no positive results. Dark opted to leave the group, but former Warp employee Nick Kilroy heard the songs and became interested enough to start the KIN label with Junior Boys as his first signing. Engineer Matt Didemus joined Greenspan, and together they recorded enough material for a full-length. They stirred up interest in 2003 with a pair of 12" singles, Birthday and High Come Down, that featured remixes from Fennesz and fellow Ontario native Dan Snaith (as Manitoba). Last Exit arrived on KIN in June 2004 and featured both A-sides. Domino picked up the album for distribution in the U.S. and added a bonus disc with the 12" B-sides and remixes. Over the next decade, Greenspan and Didemus added to their discography in slow, steady fashion and broadened their scope as songwriters and producers. A three-year gap between the relatively slick So This Is Goodbye (2006) and the merely pleasant Begone Dull Care (2009) was plugged with a mix album, Body Language, Vol. 6, highlighted by tracks from their growing number of contemporaries, including Matthew Dear, Kelley Polar, and Dark's Stereo Image. It's All True (2011), the Junior Boys' lightest and most playful album -- from a production standpoint, at least -- was highlighted by "Banana Ripple," a track eventually remixed by the Field and disco pioneer Tom Moulton. Greenspan subsequently released solo material on Snaith's Jiaolong label and worked closely with Jessy Lanza, among other artists, and Didemus, as Diva, produced material (inspired by the Jean-Jacques Beineix-directed film of the same name) for New Kanada. The duo's longest wait between albums ended with Big Black Coat (2016), which included an unfaithful cover of Bobby Caldwell's red-haired soul classic "What You Won't Do for Love." ~ Andy Kellman
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Junior Boys

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Junior Boys

  1.   Song
  2.   In the Morning
  3.   Over It
  4.   Like a Child
  5.   So This Is Goodbye
  6.   Parallel Lines
  7.   Count Souvenirs
  8.   What It's For
  9.   First Time
  10.   More Than Real
  11.   Teach Me How to Fight
  12.   Neon Rider
  13.   FM
  14.   Hazel
  15.   EP
  16.   Banana Ripple
  17.   What You Won't Do for Love
  18.   Work
  19.   M & P
  20.   Some People Are Crazy
  21.   High Come Down
  22.   A Truly Happy Ending
  23.   And It's Forever
  24.   Birthday
  25.   Kiss Me All Night
  26.   Baby Fat
  27.   Yes
  28.   Big Black Coat
  29.   Baby Don't Hurt Me
  30.   Baby Give Up on It
  31.   You'll Improve Me
  32.   Second Chance
  33.   Itchy Fingers
  34.   The Animator
  35.   Bits And Pieces
  36.   No Kinda Man
  37.   When No One Cares
  38.   Caught in a Wave
  39.   Double Shadow
  40.   So Sleep (A)
  41.   The Equalizer
  42.   Max
  43.   When I'm Not Around
  44.   Bellona
  45.   A Certain Association
  46.   Last Exit
  47.   Unbirthday
  48.   Dull To Pause
  49.   You Say That
  50.   Sneak A Picture
  51.   Three Words
  52.   C'mon Baby
  53.   No One's Business
  54.   Playtime
  55.   The Reservoir
  56.   Love Is a Fire
  57.   Kick the Can
  58.   Under the Sun

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