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De Danann

De Danann -- who began performing and recording under the name De Dannan in 1985 -- have played an influential role in the development of modern Irish music. Although they're remained rooted in Ireland's musical tradition, the band's virtuosic instrumental skills and expressive vocalizing has enabled them to reach out to a worldwide audience. According to Earle Hitchner, music writer for The Wall Street Journal and The Irish Echo, "any serious discussion of the evolution of Irish traditional music over the past quarter century must include the enormous contribution of De Danann." The seeds that grew into De Danann were planted during informal, Sunday-morning jam sessions at Hughes Pub in Spiddal, a small town in County Galway. Two participants of these sessions, Frankie Gavin, a fiery fiddler, and Yorkshire-born Alec Finn, a bouzouki and guitar player who had previously played with Connemara, agreed to pool their resources. Joined by bohran and bones player Johnny "Ringo" McDonogh and banjo player Charlie Piggott, Gavin and Finn began to perform as De Danann, taking their name from the Tuatha Dé Danann, a group of characters in Irish mythology. Prior to recording their self-titled debut album in 1975, the group added vocalist Delores Keane. Over the decades, De Danann have gone through numerous personnel changes with only Gavin and Finn remaining from the original group. Lead vocalists have included Mary Black, Maura O'Connell, Johnny Moynihan, Eleanor Shanley, and their current singer, Tomie Fleming. Past instrumentalists include accordion aces Jackie Daly and Aidan Coffey. The band's present lineup features Cork-born bodhran player Colm Murphy and accordionist Derek Hickey. De Danann has received "Best Celtic Album" awards from NAIRD (National Association of Independent Record Distributors) for their albums Star-Spangled Molly in 1981, Song for Ireland in 1983, and Ballroom in 1987. Their 1996 album Hibernian Rhapsody was inspired by the late Freddie Mercury (1946-1991) of Queen, with the title track based on Queen's hit "Bohemian Rhapsody." ~ Craig Harris
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De Danann

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    St. Patricks Day
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De Danann

Top Songs by
De Danann

  1.   Song
  2.   My Irish Molly-O
  3.   Donegal Reels
  4.   Lark on the Strand
  5.   Noel Hills'
  6.   Danny Boy
  7.   Humors of Lissadel & Jenny Picking Cockles
  8.   The Irish Girl
  9.   Johnny Leary's Polka/O'Keefe's Polka/Johnny I Do Miss You
  10.   Cottage in the Grove/Sean Ryan's Reel
  11.   Mulvihill's Reel/The Dawn
  12.   Carolan's Draught
  13.   Song for Ireland
  14.   Mac's Fancy, the Mist Covered Mountain
  15.   Eireann Mo Ghrá Mo Chroí
  16.   Seamaisin
  17.   Humours of Galway
  18.   The Rights of Man/The Pride of Petravore
  19.   Anthem for Ireland
  20.   The Cameronian and The Doon
  21.   Do It in Jig Time
  22.   New Irish Barn Dance
  23.   The Girl That Broke My Heart
  24.   Sean McGuire's
  25.   Mountains of Pommeroy
  26.   The Garden Valley
  27.   Captain Jack
  28.   Operator
  29.   Restless Farewell
  30.   The Banks of Red Roses
  31.   The Flowers of Spring/Jackie Small's Jig
  32.   The Rocks of Bawn/Take It to the Limit
  33.   Erin Ni Neosainn Ce Hi
  34.   George Ross' Horn Pipes
  35.   McLaughlin's Flings
  36.   Connie from Constantinople
  37.   Coleraine Jig/Derrane's John Stenson's/Moher Reel
  38.   Con Cassidy's (Con Cassidy)/Sweet Biddy Daly/Fr. O'Flynn
  39.   The Cameronian Reel/The Doon Reel
  40.   Langstroms Pony
  41.   Flax In Bloom/Drunken Landlady/Devils Of Dublin
  42.   Conlon's Jig/Padraig O'Keefe's/Head O'Cabbage/Boys of Malin
  43.   Suspicious Minds
  44.   Gasoline Alley
  45.   The Cuckoo's Nest
  46.   Come Back Again to Me, Mavourneen
  47.   The Old Claddagh Ring / The Turnpike Gate / The Killavil Fancy
  48.   A Whiter Shade of Pale
  49.   Apples In Winter/Old Man Dillon/Trip To The Cottage
  50.   The Banks of the Quay/Crucaharan Cross
  51.   Patsy Touhey's/Fred Finn's
  52.   Rambling Irishman
  53.   Monaghan Jig/Drowsy Maggie/Maid Behind The Bar
  54.   River Deep Mountain High
  55.   Only the Lonely
  56.   The Garden Of Daisies/Billy Brocker
  57.   Eleanor Rigby/Fr. McKenzie's Jig
  58.   Across The Borderline
  59.   The Holly Bush/Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh
  60.   Inis Oirr
  61.   Mr. O'Connor
  62.   Far Away in Australia
  63.   Master Crowley's
  64.   Hey Jude
  65.   Hard Station
  66.   The Mountain Streams
  67.   Dinkie's Reels: Jimmy Byrnes/Dinkie's
  68.   Morrison's/The Tailor's Thimble/Wellington's
  69.   Love Hurts
  70.   How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
  71.   Kitty's Wedding/The Rambler
  72.   The Sally Gardens/Laydown Sally
  73.   Langstrom's Pony/The Tap Room/Lord Ramsey's Reel
  74.   Then You'll Remember Me
  75.   It's Over
  76.   Coleraine Jig Medley
  77.   The Rose and the Briar
  78.   I'm Leaving Tipperary
  79.   Maggie
  80.   Bohemian Rhapsody
  81.   Hibernian Rhapsody
  82.   Parisienne Walkways
  83.   Ireland
  84.   You've Lost That Loving Feeling
  85.   When a Man Loves a Woman
  86.   My Beloved And I
  87.   The Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba to Galway
  88.   My Baby Needs a Shepherd

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