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Although Karkwa only released three albums during the band's first decade together, the Canadian group garnered considerable critical acclaim during that time, eventually becoming the first francophone band to win the Polaris Music Prize. Formed in 1998 by singer/guitarist Louis-Jean Cormier, keyboardist François Lafontaine, bassist Martin Lamontagne, drummer Stephane Bergeron, and percussionist Julien Sagot, Karkwa scored a quick victory after being cherry-picked to perform at the Printemps du Quebec Festival in Paris in 1999. After taking a brief break to pursue individual pet projects, Karkwa made waves in 2001 when they made the final round of the Francouvertes musical talent competition. This led to a series of concerts and the release of a debut album, 2003's Le Pensionnat des Établis (Boarding School of the Establishment), a critically acclaimed record that climbed to the top of the college radio charts. In 2005, following a successful round of touring in support of their debut, Karkwa released album number two, Les Tremblements S'Immobilisent (The Tremors Come to a Halt). After winning the multiple Felix Awards the following year, Karkwa spent the latter part of 2007 touring Europe, eventually returning in 2008 with Le Volume du Vent (The Volume of the Wind). It was their fourth album, however -- 2010's Les Chemins de verre -- that gave Karkwa their biggest boost to date, earning a string of strong reviews and winning the 2010 Polaris Music Prize. ~ Chris True
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  1.   Song
  2.   Marie Tu Pleurs
  3.   Échapper au Sort
  4.   Red Light
  5.   À la Chaîne
  6.   Les froids fonds
  7.   Le Coup d'État
  8.   Alaska
  9.   Les vapeurs
  10.   Pili-pili
  11.   Vertige
  12.   M'empêcher de sortir
  13.   L' Épaule Froide
  14.   La Marche
  15.   Moi-léger
  16.   L' Acouphène
  17.   Les Enfants de Beyrouth
  18.   Les Chemins de Verre
  19.   Le Vrai Bonheur
  20.   Le Pyromane
  21.   Le Bon Sens
  22.   La Piqûre
  23.   Oublie Pas
  24.   Dormir le Jour
  25.   Mieux Respirer
  26.   La Façade
  27.   Le Frimas
  28.   Le Compteur
  29.   Au-Dessus de la Tête de Lilijune
  30.   Le Solstice
  31.   Le Temps Mort
  32.   La vague perdue
  33.   Vrai
  34.   Le Volume du Vent
  35.   Dors Dans Mon Sang
  36.   La fuite
  37.   Deux Lampadaires
  38.   Combien
  39.   28 Jours
  40.   Marie, Tu Pleures
  41.   Bonus Material
  42.   Le Tour de l'Île
  43.   Changer Son Project
  44.   Dans l'Platre
  45.   Hold Up
  46.   Je Souffle
  47.   L' Opinion Publique
  48.   Melodrame
  49.   Mouche
  50.   Mutisme des Esclaves
  51.   Poisson Cru
  52.   Tableu Africain
  53.   Vegetation

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