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Kasabian took the British press by storm in the early 2000s by mixing traces of the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, and Primal Scream with Oasis-sized confidence and DJ Shadow-influenced electronics. Named after Linda Kasabian, Charles Manson's getaway driver-turned-state witness, the Leicester-based group also stole a page from the Band by moving into a remote farmhouse to brew its music. Communal life and a slew of shared influences produced an electronic, rock-oriented sound that harked back to the Madchester days of baggy pants and druggy dancing. Kasabian expanded that sound on later albums, but the band's foundation remained rooted in swaggering, fragmented dance textures and boisterous rock & roll. With his acerbic approach to interviews, swaggering lead singer Tom Meighan quickly became a darling of the press during the band's infancy, and Kasabian's revolutionary logos and sleeve art only added to the excitement. Foldout poster sleeves, 10" versions, and hand-stenciled covers accompanied singles like "Club Foot," "L.S.F," and "Processed Beats." The hype paid off as Kasabian's self-titled debut cracked the Top Five in October 2004, just one month after its U.K. release. Four singles landed in the Top 20 within six months, establishing the bandmates as rock & roll royalty in the process. Founding guitarist Chris Karloff left the lineup two years later, citing creative differences with the remaining members. Kasabian's second album, Empire, had already been recorded, and guitarist Jay Mehler was brought aboard to replace Karloff during live performances. (Mehler eventually became an official member in 2008.) Empire was ultimately released in August 2006 and debuted atop the U.K. charts, with the title track soon becoming the band's third Top Ten hit. The band took home an NME Award in 2007 and began work on another album later that year. Dan the Automator was brought in to share production duties with Sergio Pizzorno, and the resulting U.K. chart-topper, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, appeared in 2009. Automator would return for the 2011 album Velociraptor!, featuring the lead single "Switchblade Smiles." In 2013, Mehler left the group and joined former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher in his group Beady Eye, but the band carried on as a four-piece and recorded a new album with Pizzorno in the producer's chair. Named after the album's total running time, 48:13 arrived in 2014, featuring the lead single "Eez-eh." In early 2017 the band issued a pair of brand new singles, "You're in Love with a Psycho" and "Are You Looking for Action," in anticipation of the release of their much-anticipated sixth studio album, For Crying Out Loud, which dropped later that May. ~ David Jeffries
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  1.   Song
  2.   L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)
  3.   Club Foot
  4.   Shoot the Runner
  5.   Vlad The Impaler
  6.   Days Are Forgotten
  7.   Where Did All The Love Go?
  8.   Fire
  9.   Empire
  10.   Processed Beats
  11.   Goodbye Kiss
  12.   British Legion
  13.   Underdog
  14.   The Doberman
  15.   Fast Fuse
  16.   Me Plus One
  17.   Man of Simple Pleasures
  18.   Sun Rise Light Flies
  19.   Reason Is Treason
  20.   (Levitation)
  21.   Good Fight
  22.   You're in Love with a Psycho
  23.   U Boat
  24.   Running Battle
  25.   Ill Ray (The King)
  26.   Wasted
  27.   Comeback Kid
  28.   Bow
  29.   Stevie
  30.   Bumblebeee
  31.   (Shiva)
  32.   Switchblade Smiles
  33.   I Hear Voices
  34.   Beneficial Herbs
  35.   Silver Bullet
  36.   Take Aim
  37.   55
  38.   By My Side
  39.   I.D.
  40.   Doberman/Take Aim
  41.   Put Your Life on It
  42.   Sixteen Blocks
  43.   The Party Never Ends
  44.   Are You Looking for Action?
  45.   S.P.S.
  46.   Eez-Eh
  47.   Explodes
  48.   Glass
  49.   Doomsday
  50.   Somebody to Love
  51.   Julie and the Moth Man
  52.   Velociraptor!
  53.   Re-Wired
  54.   Neon Noon
  55.   Let's Roll Just Like We Used To
  56.   Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter From The Storm)
  57.   West Ryder Silver Bullet
  58.   Happiness
  59.   West Ryder
  60.   Thick as Thieves
  61.   Swarfiga
  62.   Too Much Too Young
  63.   Last Trip (In Flight)
  64.   Stuntman
  65.   Trash Can
  66.   Ovary Stripe
  67.   Pinch Roller
  68.   Butcher Blues
  69.   Cutt Off
  70.   Test Transmission
  71.   Pan Am Slit Scam
  72.   (Mortis)
  73.   Pictures of Matchstick Men
  74.   Seek & Destroy
  75.   Bless This Acid House
  76.   All Through the Night
  77.   Twentyfourseven
  78.   Bumblebee
  79.   Clouds
  80.   Treat
  81.   La Fée Verte
  82.   Secret Alphabets
  83.   Ladies And Gentlemen, Roll The Dice
  84.   Apnoea
  85.   Orange
  86.   The Nightworker's