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Taking their name from a passage in Henry Rollins' memoir Get in the Van, KEN mode (short for Kill Everyone Now) are a Canadian noise rock band hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Brothers Jesse and Shane Matthewson, the band's two consistent members (who handle guitar/vocals and drums, respectively), have rounded out their numbers with an illustrious collection of bassists, including Electro Quarterstaff's Drew Johnston, Mares of Thrace's Thérèse Lanz, and Khann's Andrew LaCour (to name a few). With a punishing metallic sound, the band expands on the solid foundation laid down by AmRep titans like the Jesus Lizard and Unsane, harnessing those bands' sense of aggression and agitation while considerably upping the intensity. KEN mode made their full-length debut in 2003 with Mongrel, released by Escape Artist, which would also go on to release their sophomore effort, Reprisal, in 2006. A self-released third album, Mennonite, followed in 2008. Two years later, KEN mode hooked up with influential metal label Profound Lore, which released their fourth album, Venerable. The album would prove to be a breakthrough for KEN mode, who earned the first-ever Juno in the heavy metal category. Their fifth album, Entrench, arrived in 2013 on Season of Mist. The same label released the group's Steve Albini-recorded fifth album, Success, in 2015. ~ Gregory Heaney
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KEN mode

  1.   Song
  2.   Words Not to Say to the Queen
  3.   When the Car Crashes
  4.   Ahriman
  5.   The Owl...
  6.   Mako Shark
  7.   These Tight Jeans
  8.   Counter Culture Complex
  9.   A Passive Disaster
  10.   Brainstem Pitch Fork
  11.   I Just Liked Fire
  12.   Figure Your Life Out
  13.   The Ugliest Happy You've Ever Seen
  14.   Lethe
  15.   Hibernation Has Never Been a Better Option
  16.   Daeodon
  17.   Batholith
  18.   Supposed Sexual Frustration
  19.   Secret Vasectomy
  20.   The Book of Muscle
  21.   Bite the Wax Tadpole
  22.   Dead Actors
  23.   Likeliness Is Against You
  24.   Turned Out
  25.   Failing at Fun Since 1981
  26.   Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick
  27.   Why Don't You Just Quit?
  28.   I Simply Am Not There
  29.   Blessed
  30.   Flight of the Echo Hawk
  31.   The Terror Pulse
  32.   Management Control
  33.   A Catalog of Small Disappointments
  34.   A Wicked Pike
  35.   The Musk Ox
  36.   Seul
  37.   Tent Caterpillar
  38.   Romeo Must Never Know
  39.   Matlock
  40.   No; I'm in Control
  41.   Greeting Bedlam
  42.   Proditio
  43.   Capricorn
  44.   The Irate Lumberjack
  45.   Terrify the Animals
  46.   Looks Like a Failure
  47.   Never Was
  48.   Monomyth
  49.   Tiger Comet
  50.   The Hammer Party
  51.   Obeying the Iron Will...
  52.   The Promises of God

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