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Kevin Kern

Kevin Kern was a child prodigy playing the piano at the astounding age of eighteen months. He began studying with a private tutor at the age of four. Founding his own group, the Well Tempered Clavichord at age fourteen they made their professional debut. Kevin attended the University Of Michigan's School Of Music and studied with renowned pianist Mischa Kottler. Kevin received a Master's Degree in Performance and a Bachelor of Music Degree from the New England Conservatory Of Music. After leaving school he played the local scene of Boston for ten years. In 1990, Kevin moved to San Francisco and began playing live gigs. The more he played, the larger his audience grew. Already an accomplished musician, Kevin was discovered in 1995 by Terence Yallop, the founder of Real Music label. He was at the time playing piano in a local San Francisco hotel. After signing Kevin to the label, he immediately started working on his first album. With an incredible flair for composition, the songs seemed to come from him effortlessly. 1996 was the beginning of his record career with the release of In the Enchanted Garden. It was an instant hit among the new age, jazz, and classical audience. It also became a critic's favorite. His second release, Beyond the Sundial, takes the music to another level. Kevin's influences run right across the board. His music is melodic and truly inspiring. With the release of Summer Daydreams, in 1998, Kevin returns to the scene with more incredible compositions, adding violin and cello to the arrangements; In My Life followed in 1999 and Embracing the Wind was issued in early 2001. Kevin Kern is a definite mainstay in the world of music. ~ Tina Mrazik
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Kevin Kern

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Kevin Kern

  1.   Song
  2.   In My Life
  3.   Love's First Smile
  4.   Twirling in Time
  5.   Endless Blue Sky
  6.   Pearls of Joy
  7.   To Sleep on Angels' Wings
  8.   By My Side
  9.   Children at Play
  10.   We All Fall in Love Sometimes
  11.   Rise and Shine
  12.   Silent Night
  13.   Dance of the Searching Souls
  14.   Passages
  15.   A Secret Grove
  16.   Where Paths Meet
  17.   When I Remember
  18.   Dreaming of Home
  19.   Chance Encounter
  20.   Wending Our Way Home
  21.   Velvet Green
  22.   Light Spirit
  23.   Fields of Gold
  24.   Safe in Your Embrace
  25.   Softly Falling
  26.   Filled With Light
  27.   A Million Stars
  28.   The Touch of Love
  29.   From This Day Forward
  30.   A Gentle Whisper
  31.   From the Day Forward
  32.   Childhood Remembered
  33.   Emerald Legacy
  34.   Touch the Sky
  35.   Bittersweet
  36.   Tomorrow's Promise
  37.   Return to Love
  38.   Summer Daydreams
  39.   Pan's Return
  40.   Once in the Long Ago
  41.   Twilight's Embrace
  42.   Paper Clouds
  43.   Water Lilies
  44.   The Enchanted Garden
  45.   Fairy Wings
  46.   After the Rain
  47.   Sundial Dreams
  48.   A Distant Shade of Green
  49.   A Flurry of Golden Leaves
  50.   Remembering the Light
  51.   The Glistening Pond
  52.   Through Your Eyes
  53.   Joys of the Journey (Reprise)
  54.   Straw Hats
  55.   Beyond the Sundial
  56.   Once Upon a Time
  57.   The Skipping Song
  58.   Joy of the Journey
  59.   I Am Always Right Here
  60.   Musings
  61.   Imagination's Key
  62.   Told to the Heart
  63.   Blossom on the Wind
  64.   Cauldron of Healing
  65.   Ancient Guardians
  66.   Fantasia's Lullaby
  67.   The Silence of Knowing
  68.   Another Realm
  69.   Through the Arbor
  70.   Into the Realm
  71.   Threads of Light
  72.   Kristen's Serenade
  73.   We Should Waltz
  74.   Bathed in Dawn's Light
  75.   Out of the Darkness Into the Light
  76.   Butterfly
  77.   Pastel Reflections
  78.   A Time Remembered
  79.   A Thousand Miles Away
  80.   Sunset Prayer
  81.   Scene in a Dream
  82.   Caring Friend
  83.   Keepers of the Flame
  84.   High Above the Valley
  85.   Dance of the Dragonfly
  86.   Whisperings
  87.   Water Tapestry
  88.   Sundial Awakening
  89.   Hide and Seek
  90.   Always Near
  91.   Sweet Dreams, Helena
  92.   Le Jardin
  93.   The Holly and the Ivy
  94.   Until Tomorrow
  95.   Say You Love Me
  96.   The Way of the Stream
  97.   The Winding Path
  98.   And the Light Is Forever
  99.   Gifts Along the Way
  100.   Above the Clouds
  101.   Through the Veil