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Kid 'N Play

Among the first groups to tame rap's hardcore mentality into a positive, message-oriented music suitable for teens and mass audiences, Kid 'n Play debuted in 1988 with the platinum album 2 Hype, which the duo later spun into a deal involving films and a Saturday-morning cartoon show, the first involving a rap act. Though their recording activity became limited during the gangsta-dominated '90s -- 1991's Face the Nation was their last album -- the group managed two sequels to their original House Party film, as well as the 1991 teen flick Class Act. Kid (born Christopher Reid; Bronx, NY) and Play (born Christopher Martin; Queens, NY) first met while performing in rival high school groups (the Turnout Brothers and the Super Lovers, respectively) and initially teamed up as Fresh Force. Play's former bandmate, Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor, became the duo's manager and signed Kid 'n Play to Select Records in 1987. Despite the predominance of James Brown samples during the mid-'80s, Azor gave 2 Hype a production job more rooted in disco and pop; thanks to the near-Top Ten R&B hit "Rollin' with Kid 'n Play," the album eventually reached platinum status. Though many rappers were more successful at the time, Kid 'n Play became film stars due to their clean-cut image -- Kid's six-inch "eraserhead" hairstyle, which seemed outrageous to white audiences, was vindicated by his honest, well-scrubbed face. The film House Party became a moderate success upon its release in 1990, and the duo even managed a proper LP that same year, Funhouse. During 1991, two Kid 'n Play films appeared: a sequel to House Party and Class Act. That same year, the album Face the Nation showed a growing reluctance to pander to pop audiences, but the duo was already entrenched in their style. A second sequel to House Party appeared in 1993, and little has been heard from them since. ~ John Bush
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Kid 'N Play

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Kid 'N Play

Top Songs by
Kid 'N Play

  1.   Song
  2.   Do This My Way
  3.   Rollin' With Kid 'N Play
  4.   Do the Kid 'N Play Kick Step
  5.   2 Hype
  6.   Give It Here
  7.   Can You Dig That
  8.   Fun House
  9.   I Don't Know
  10.   Strokin'
  11.   Can't Get Enuff
  12.   Kid Vs. Play (The Battle)
  13.   Gittin' Funky
  14.   Do Whatcha Want 2
  15.   So Whatcha Want 2
  16.   Last Night
  17.   Y U Jellin' Me
  18.   Soul Man
  19.   I Ain't Going Out Like That
  20.   Surley by Arts & Crafts
  21.   Hype
  22.   What a Feeling by Arts & Crafts
  23.   Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody
  24.   To Da Break of Dawn by LL Cool J
  25.   Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya, Man! by Public Enemy
  26.   This Is Love
  27.   House Party featuring Cheryl Pepsii Riley
  28.   Jive Time Sucker by The Force M.D.'s
  29.   Why You Get Funky on Me by Today
  30.   Get It Right
  31.   Bounce
  32.   Toe to Toe
  33.   Show 'em How It's Done
  34.   Next Question
  35.   Foreplay
  36.   Face the Nation
  37.   Damn That Dj (the Wizard M.E.)
  38.   Back on Wax
  39.   Back to Basix
  40.   Bill's at the Door
  41.   Slippin'
  42.   It's Allright Y'All
  43.   Undercover
  44.   (Last Night) Changed It All
  45.   Brother Man Get Hip
  46.   Make Noize
  47.   Got a Good Thing Going On
  48.   How'm I Doin'? (Hey, Hey!)
  49.   Decisions
  50.   Void
  51.   Two Fingers
  52.   Simple Simon
  53.   Energy
  54.   Here and Now

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