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Kidz in the Hall

In the mid-2000s, alternative hip-hop duo Kidz in the Hall became the new face for the revamped Rawkus Records, the underground rap powerhouse responsible for introducing groundbreaking acts like Mos Def and Talib Kweli before its operations were temporarily closed in 2004. Naledge's intelligence, imagery, and lyricism combined with the progressive and often jazz-inflected sounds of DJ/producer Double O easily recall the early-'90s aesthetic of hip-hop groups such as Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Gang Starr, and Souls of Mischief. A native of Chicago, Naledge (born Jabari Evans) was always the creative and lyrical type of guy, writing poetry and short stories since he was 13, but the New Jersey-bred Double O (born Michael Aguilar) had always been a techie, first DJing in the ninth grade and then composing beats in college. They first met each other at their alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. After witnessing Naledge's rhyme skills at a talent show during his recruiter's visit, impressed audience members pointed him toward the talented DJ. Over the years, the two Ivy Leaguers worked together and became good friends. Once Naledge graduated, he again hooked up with Double O, who had relocated to Los Angeles as an engineer for Sony Studios, and the two decided to unite professionally as Kidz in the Hall. Naledge was already signed as a solo act to the reborn Rawkus and simply brought the Kidz in the Hall duo over to the label. The amount of (mostly Internet) press coverage greatly increased after prolific producer Just Blaze, a fellow techie, friend, and mentor of Double O, co-signed the group's efforts. Naledge and Double O heavily promoted themselves through the Internet and released several mixtapes to build up anticipation for their favorably received Rawkus debut, School Was My Hustle, in October 2006. Their 2008 effort The In Crowd found them moving to the Duck Down label, working with producer Black Milk, and making an impact with their “Drivin' Down the Block” single. Land of Make Believe followed in 2010 with more club tracks and some electro-influenced sounds. ~ Cyril Cordor
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Kidz in the Hall

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Kidz in the Hall

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Kidz in the Hall

  1.   Song
  2.   Break It Down
  3.   Bougie Girls (feat. Russoul)
  4.   Move on Up by Mike Payne
  5.   Star featuring One Chance
  6.   Understandin'
  7.   Drivin' Down the Block (Low End Theory) by Masta Ace
  8.   Let Your Hair Down ft. Skyzoo and Lil Eddie
  9.   Go Ill
  10.   Paper Trail ft. Phonte of Little Brother
  11.   The Blackout ft. DJ GI Joe
  12.   I Am
  13.   Middle of the Map, Pt. 2 featuring Black Milk
  14.   Wheelz Fall Off ('06 Til)
  15.   Day by Day
  16.   Middle of the Map, Pt. 1 by Fooch
  17.   Friends
  18.   Snob Hop ft. Camp Lo
  19.   Hypocrite
  20.   Player of the Century by Freddie Gibbs
  21.   Fresh Academy
  22.   Lucifers Joyride by Travis "Schleprok" McCoy
  23.   Do It All Again (I Am)
  24.   Inner Me
  25.   Walk on Air
  26.   Love Hangover
  27.   Jukebox
  28.   Going For It
  29.   Mr. Alladatsh*t ft. Donnis & Chip The Ripper
  30.   Love Hangover ft. Estelle
  31.   Mr. Alladatsh*t featuring Chip tha Riper
  32.   Simple Life
  33.   Won't Remember Tonight featuring AntonGenius
  34.   Paper Trail by Phonte
  35.   She's Smokin
  36.   The Pledge featuring Buckshot
  37.   Ritalin
  38.   That Good by Esthero
  39.   Hustler's Intro
  40.   Pour It Up featuring Bun B
  41.   Middle of the Map Pt 2 ft. Black Milk and Guilty Simpson
  42.   The in Crowd by Tim William
  43.   The Pledge ft. Sean Price & Buckshot
  44.   Drivin' Down the Block featuring Bun B
  45.   Dumb*sS Tales
  46.   Lucifer's Joyride ft. Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes
  47.   Crash Dummy by Killa Kyleon
  48.   We Gone
  49.   Life I Know
  50.   Everyday
  51.   A Little Bit
  52.   We At It Again
  53.   Take Over The World
  54.   Love Hangover
  55.   Let Your Hair Down featuring Lil Eddie
  56.   Wassup Jo'
  57.   Occasion
  58.   Ms. Juanita
  59.   Doin' My Thing
  60.   L_O_V_E
  61.   Don't Stop
  62.   Make It Up Tonight by Suliamn
  63.   Flickin
  64.   Black Out by DJ GI Joe
  65.   Cruise Control
  66.   All Night Long
  67.   Out To Lunch
  68.   Will II Win
  69.   Rise & Shine
  70.   Bonus: Drivin Down The Block (Low End Theory) remix ft. Pusha T of The Clipse, Bun B and The Cool Kids
  71.   Intro
  72.   Drivin' Down The Block (Low End Theory) ft. Masta Ace
  73.   Middle of the Map Pt 1 ft. Fooch
  74.   Running
  75.   The In Crowd ft. Tim William
  76.   Blade Brown
  77.   Snob Hop by Camp Lo
  78.   Real Life
  79.   Traffic

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