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The four bandmembers who came together and created Killswitch Engage already had strong fan followings. Mike D'Antonio (bass) was formerly the leader and principal songwriter of Overcast, the legendary underground metal group. When Overcast split in 1998, D'Antonio sought for a year to find the right combination of players to fuse hardcore and metal with melody. During the summer of 1999, D'Antonio connected with Adam Dutkiewicz, who was the drummer for Aftershock, and Joel Stroetzel, Aftershock's guitar player. Jesse Leach, vocalist for Corrin and Nothing Stays Gold, joined on, and the foursome took the name Killswitch Engage. Killswitch Engage made their debut by opening for In Flames on tour. The Ferret label heard and liked the combination of brutality, sophistication, and breathtaking originality that the group produced, and signed them. Ferret released Killswitch Engage's self-titled debut album in June 2000 and it immediately began capturing rave reviews. The group lays out its heavy riffs mixed with both singing and screaming vocals that cover a range from low-pitched death growls to the higher-pitched hyena screams. Stroetzel developed a guitar rhythm that gallops, and the others keep up as they combine elements of hardcore and metal in their melodies. They come on with an intensity that does not let up. During 2001, the band recorded "Numbered Days" for WERS' Nasty Habits live CD, a compilation with bands such as God Forbid, Haste, Unearth, and Poison the Well. Also in 2001, Killswitch Engage signed with Roadrunner Records and started recording their second full album, Alive or Just Breathing, at the Zing Studio in Westfield, Massachusetts. They expanded to a five-piece with the addition of former Aftershock drummer Tom Gomes, as Dutkiewicz moved over to guitar. The album included favorites such as "Self-Revolution," "Just Barely Breathing," and a re-recorded version of "Temple from the Within." Andy Sneap was signed on to mix and master this one in his English studio. The album aimed at even more of the growling bass tone, heavier guitar crunch, and thicker/faster double bass that permeate the music of the band, and it was greeted with high praise upon its release in May 2002 (it even shot to number 37 on Billboard's Heatseeker Chart). Tours with Soilwork and Hypocrisy finished before the band suffered a setback that June; lead singer Leach suddenly left the group, citing voice problems and personal issues. (He later went on to join metal outfit Seemless.) Breaking up was not an option, but Killswitch were still unsure of their future -- until auditioning Howard Jones that is, vocalist for local metalcore outfit Blood Has Been Shed. The band and Jones clicked immediately, and his charismatic yet menacing stage presence sealed the deal. He made his debut with the band at summer 2002's Hellfest, and the guys stayed on the road for the remainder of the year, both home and abroad, winning over skeptics along the way. Gomes exited the group following their stint on 2003's Ozzfest and he was replaced by another Blood Has Been Shed alum, drummer Justin Foley. The End of Heartache appeared in spring 2004, debuting at number 21 on the Top 200 and even earning Killswitch a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance. Much touring followed, including acting as main support for Slayer and spots on package tours like Ozzfest and Taste of Chaos, while the band also released the DVD Set This World Ablaze in late 2005. Killswitch Engage further rocked a main stage spot at the U.K.'s Reading festival in summer 2006; all of this activity ultimately led up to the release of their fourth full-length, As Daylight Dies, that November. In 2009, Killswitch returned with a second self-titled album and found themselves jumping onto the Billboard 200. Three years later, the band announced the departure of singer Jones, who was replaced by former frontman Jesse Leach, who made his return to Killswitch on their 2013 album, Disarm the Descent. ~ Eleanor Ditzel & Corey Apar
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Killswitch Engage

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Killswitch Engage

  1.   Song
  2.   Holy Diver
  3.   My Curse
  4.   The Arms of Sorrow
  5.   The End of Heartache
  6.   Rose of Sharyn
  7.   My Last Serenade
  8.   In Due Time
  9.   Breathe Life
  10.   Numbered Days
  11.   Reckoning
  12.   Take This Oath
  13.   Hope Is...
  14.   Starting Over
  15.   Fixation on the Darkness
  16.   My Obsession
  17.   A Tribute to the Fallen
  18.   Take Me Away
  19.   When Darkness Falls
  20.   A Bid Farewell
  21.   Reject Yourself
  22.   Never Again
  23.   For You
  24.   Declaration
  25.   Wasted Sacrifice
  26.   Temple from the Within
  27.   Self Revolution
  28.   Soilborn
  29.   Beyond the Flames
  30.   The New Awakening
  31.   Rise Inside
  32.   This Is Absolution
  33.   Always
  34.   A Light In a Darkened World
  35.   This Fire Burns
  36.   Bonus Material
  37.   The Element of One
  38.   Lost
  39.   Daylight Dies
  40.   The Hell in Me
  41.   Time Will Not Remain
  42.   Break the Silence
  43.   No End in Sight
  44.   Let the Bridges Burn
  45.   Eye of the Storm
  46.   Just Barely Breathing
  47.   This Fire
  48.   Be One
  49.   Aojb Studio Out Takes
  50.   Unbroken
  51.   Life to Lifeless
  52.   The Return
  53.   I Would Do Anything
  54.   World Ablaze
  55.   Save Me
  56.   In a Dead World
  57.   Inhale
  58.   Slave to the Machine
  59.   The Call
  60.   Worlds Ablaze
  61.   The Forgotten
  62.   Still Beats Your Name
  63.   Transfiguration
  64.   Untitled and Unloved
  65.   When the Balance Is Broken
  66.   Temples from the Within
  67.   [Untitled]
  68.   Blood Stains
  69.   You Don't Bleed for Me
  70.   The Turning Point
  71.   And Members Rise
  72.   A Bid Farewell Live
  73.   This Is Goodbye
  74.   Desperate Times
  75.   My Life for Yours
  76.   Breath Life
  77.   And Embers Rise
  78.   In the Unblind
  79.   Numb Sickened Eyes
  80.   Prelude
  81.   Vide Infra
  82.   Irreversal
  83.   Rusted Embrace
  84.   One Last Sunset by Adam Dutkiewicz
  85.   To the Sons of Man
  86.   Without a Name
  87.   All We Have