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  2.   (Here's an Idea) How About More of Me & Less of You
  3.   Let Me Give You A Hand Stuffing Your Stocking
  4.   It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself
  5.   I Already Have Enough Friends
  6.   White Trash But Worth Every Cent
  7.   I Wouldn't Kick Her out of Bed for Eating Crackers
  8.   Mikey & The Apartment of Misfit Porn
  9.   Demons Consume
  10.   If It Ain't Johnny Cash It Ain't Country
  11.   Sound the Alarms
  12.   I'm Just One Girl I Can't F*ck The Whole World
  13.   Jingle Hell
  14.   Who Said Alcohol & Handguns Didn't Go Great Together?
  15.   You Getting Boom Boom with the Bridesmaids?
  16.   Maybe Death Is a Gift
  17.   33 Seconds PF Sanity
  18.   I'm Heavy Metal, But I Get the Blues Just Like Everyone Else
  19.   If I Told You I Loved You Would I Get It Any Faster?
  20.   Like You Didn't Hear Me the First Time
  21.   Where There's Smoke
  22.   She Didn't Look Like She Had a Disease
  23.   Bitterness Is a Beautiful Thing
  24.   Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza
  25.   The Death of Celebrity
  26.   Replicate To Survive
  27.   Living Hollow
  28.   Serpents & Lies (Mundus Vult Decipi, Pt. II)
  29.   Tip of My Tongue
  30.   Evil Lives Within
  31.   Tyrant Enthroned
  32.   I'm Metal, But I Get The Blues Like Everyone Else
  33.   No Sense Doing It If You Don't Look Good
  34.   Let Me Give You A Hand Throwing Yourself Out
  35.   Sacrifice
  36.   Vote With A Bullet
  37.   You Smell Naughty
  38.   Merry Axemas
  39.   [Untitled]
  40.   Revenge (My Part Time Lover)
  41.   Baggage
  42.   Funny Enough It Sounds Just Like Tainted Love
  43.   Stop Crying Just Start Dying
  44.   If Only My Eyes Were Loaded
  45.   Losing Weight & Looking Great
  46.   Skip the Break Up Get to the Make Up
  47.   Just When You Thought I Was Listening
  48.   Words Don't Last Forever Your Wounds Will
  49.   Put Your Mouth Where the Money Is
  50.   Liars Like You Live the Shortest Lives (An Open Letter to Imposters)
  51.   Pretty with the Lights Off
  52.   You Smell Excited
  53.   Murder Nouveau (It's All the Rage)
  54.   Save Your Sermons for Sunday So I Can Sleep This Night Off
  55.   The Age Old Dilemma of Romance vs. Retribution
  56.   The Recovery Process
  57.   33 Seconds of Sanity
  58.   Love Is Like a Mouth Full of Broken Glass
  59.   The Fine & Subtle Art of Deception
  60.   I Didn't Know "I Love You" Came with a Knife in the Back
  61.   Nothing Says "Party" Like Her Head on a Stick
  62.   Reveng (My Part Time Lover)
  63.   Broken Hearts Don't Hurt as Much as Broken Bones
  64.   Forgiveness Isn't as Much Fun as Holding a Grudge
  65.   You Will Get Exactly What You Deserve (And Not One Bullet Less)
  66.   My Favorite Two Shades on You Are Black & Blue
  67.   Killwhitneydead vs the River Bottom Nightmare Band
  68.   Why Smile When I Am Carrying This Gun?
  69.   Is That My Blood or Hers?
  70.   It's Like Eating a Little Piece of Jesus (A Murderer's Communion)
  71.   Another Tragic Case of the Rock Star Syndrome
  72.   Sugartooth (Mundus Vult Decipi, Pt. I)
  73.   One Match & A Gallon of Gasoline
  74.   So Plastic So Pretty
  75.   Starring Robert Downey Jr as "The Addict"
  76.   Who Said Alchohol and Handguns Didn't Go Great Together?/Breaking ...
  77.   Duct Tape & Death Threats
  78.   You Like Knife Play? I Love Knife Play
  79.   Time to Teach Her a Lesson Called "Replaceable"
  80.   Put a Sock in It
  81.   [CD-Rom Track]
  82.   Music Videos: Let Me Give You A Hand Throwing Yourself Out/Just When You Thought I Was Listening
  83.   Just When You Thought...

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