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While debating the merits of analog vs. digital recording in a Seattle pub, guitarist Chris Martin and bassist Lucy Atkinson were interrupted by the bartender, drummer Dave Weeks. He said, definitively, that analog was superior; thus Kinski came into being. This same spontaneity would come to define their multi-layered noise rock, reminiscent of Sonic Youth at their most experimental. Kinski began playing live in 1998. By the summer of 1999, the trio had released its first record, Space Launch for Frenchie. With six songs clocking in at 45 minutes, it inevitably sparked some debate of its own: EP or LP? Later that year, the band explored newer textures in its live set, and friend Matthew Reid Schwartz (guitar, keyboards) was added to the lineup. Kinski have toured with Mainliner (Japan), Hovercraft, and Silkworm. In 2001, their follow-up, Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle, arrived. Two years later, the group returned with its Sub Pop debut, Airs Above Your Station; by this time, Barrett Wilke had taken over as drummer from Dave Weeks. A split release with Acid Mothers Temple was also issued in 2003. A West Coast tour supporting Mission of Burma coincided with Kinski's fourth album, Don't Climb on and Take the Holy Water, in spring 2004. Alpine Static followed in 2005. Released in 2007, Down Below It's Chaos added a '70s hard rock vibe and vocals to their intense drones. Following a string of collaborative releases, including a split 7" with Bardo Pond, sixth album Cosy Moments arrived on Kill Rock Stars in 2013, ending a relatively dormant five-year stretch between albums. Just two years later, Kinski were back with a new album, titled 7 (Or 8). ~ Eric J. Iannelli
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  2.   Your Lights Are (Out Or) Burning Badly
  3.   Argentina Turner
  4.   Crybaby Blowout
  5.   Riff Dad
  6.   Flight Risk
  7.   I Fell Like a Fucking Flower
  8.   Hiding Drugs in the Temple, Pt. 2
  9.   Smorgasbord
  10.   RDL10!
  11.   In the Moog
  12.   Child Had to Catch a Train
  13.   Die Teilung der Erde
  14.   Boy, Was I Mad!
  15.   I Think I Blew It
  16.   Plan, Steal, Drive
  17.   Semaphore
  18.   Waves of Second Guessing
  19.   Rhode Island Freakout
  20.   Das Madchen aus der Fremde
  21.   Hoffnung
  22.   Dayroom at Narita Int'l.
  23.   The Wives of Artie Shaw
  24.   Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process
  25.   Hot Stenographer
  26.   Conflict Free Diamonds
  27.   Silent Biker Type
  28.   Skim MILF
  29.   The Bunnies Are Tough
  30.   Teen Center
  31.   What We Play
  32.   Drink Up and Be Somebody
  33.   Die Bürgschaft
  34.   Long Term Exit Strategy
  35.   Defibrillation
  36.   Cleaning the Dishes (Intro)
  37.   Throw It Up
  38.   We Think She's a Nurse
  39.   Sundrops by Sura Quintet
  40.   I Didn't Mean to Interrupt Your Beautiful Moment
  41.   Der Kampf mit dem Drachen
  42.   All Your Kids Have Turned to Static
  43.   Operation Negligee
  44.   Edge Set
  45.   Black Stone Story
  46.   XXXVI
  47.   Beyond in Touch with My Feminine Side
  48.   Steve's Basement
  49.   The Snowy Parts of Scandinavia
  50.   Passed Out on Your Lawn
  51.   Psychofarmer's Blue
  52.   Punching Goodbye Out Front
  53.   Vic the 5th 2.0
  54.   Der Taucher
  55.   Bulletin of the International String Figure Association
  56.   The Party Which You Know Will Be Heavy
  57.   A Little Ticker Tape Never Hurt Anybody
  58.   I Wouldn't Hurt A Fly
  59.   Passwords & Alcohol
  60.   Die Kraniche des Ibikus
  61.   Detroit Trickle Down
  62.   Last Day on Earth
  63.   Schedule for Using Pillows and Bean Bags ...
  64.   Counterpointer
  65.   Powder
  66.   Point That Thing Somewhere Else
  67.   The Narcotic Comforts of the Status Quo
  68.   Waka Nusa
  69.   Der Handschuh

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