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Schoolgirls Mercedes Lander (drums) and Fallon Bowman (guitar) met in gym class and said, "Let's play together!" And thus, Kittie was born. At least, that's how legend has it, and it's not that far from the truth. Four teenage girls with a love of heavy metal, a desire to prove naysayers wrong, and a passion to rock formed the hard-sounding metal-esque quartet in 1997 while still in high school. One part glam rock and one part death metal, the women of Kittie signed with the NG Records-distributed Artemis Records after a stint of playing covers of Nirvana, Silverchair, and even Corey Hart. By the time indie record producer GGGarth had gotten hold of their demo, they had graduated from teen pop to pushing their sound up a notch along the likes of L7 and Godsmack. The debut full-length, Spit, showcasing their incisive sound, was released late in 1999 with Lander's sister Morgan picking up vocals/guitar and Talena Atfield (replacing Tanya Candler) on bass. The album was eventually certified gold and the Paperdoll EP followed a year later. In 2001, they released Oracle, their second full-length, followed by the Safe EP, which featured six live tracks, two versions of the title track, and an enhanced video of three cuts from a different live show. Various lineup shifts occurred, and the release further featured new bassist Jennifer Arroyo. 2004 saw the release of Until the End. More lineup shifts occurred (Arroyo left in early 2005 to join Suicide City), and by 2006, Kittie comprised the Lander sisters alongside guitarist Tara McLeod and bassist Trish Doan, formerly of the Ontario bands Sherry and Her, respectively. The group released Funeral for Yesterday the following year, with In the Black arriving in 2009. ~ Roxanne Blanford
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  1.   Song
  2.   Brackish
  3.   Spit
  4.   What I Always Wanted
  5.   Run Like Hell
  6.   Charlotte
  7.   Oracle
  8.   Cut Throat
  9.   Look So Pretty
  10.   In Winter
  11.   Severed
  12.   Safe
  13.   Pain
  14.   Do You Think I'm a Whore
  15.   Sorrow I Know
  16.   Sleepwalking
  17.   Die My Darling
  18.   Breathe
  19.   Burning Bridges
  20.   Mouthful of Poison
  21.   Raven
  22.   Falling Down
  23.   Everything That Could Have Been
  24.   Slow Motion
  25.   Witch Hunt
  26.   Funeral For Yesterday
  27.   Into the Darkness
  28.   Red Flag
  29.   Paperdoll
  30.   Suck
  31.   Whiskey Love Song
  32.   Kingdom Come
  33.   Will to Live
  34.   Around Your Heart
  35.   This Too Shall Pass
  36.   Never Again
  37.   Daughters Down
  38.   Sugar
  39.   Until the End
  40.   Career Suicide
  41.   Pink Lemonade
  42.   No Name
  43.   Wolves
  44.   Do You Think
  45.   Trippin'
  46.   Choke
  47.   We Are the Lamb
  48.   Ready Aim Riot
  49.   Now or Never
  50.   Forgive and Forget
  51.   Sweet Destruction Interlude
  52.   Flower of Flesh and Blood
  53.   Get off (You Can Eat a Dick)
  54.   The Truth
  55.   My Plague
  56.   The Change
  57.   Summer Dies
  58.   Last Goodbye
  59.   Loveless
  60.   In Dreams
  61.   Immortal
  62.   Jonny
  63.   Charolette
  64.   Johnny
  65.   Bonus Live Video Footage
  66.   Paperdill
  67.   Already Dead
  68.   Come Undone
  69.   Empires, Pt. 1
  70.   Empires, Pt. 2
  71.   I've Failed You
  72.   Never Come Home
  73.   Time Never Heals
  74.   Ugly
  75.   What Have I Done?
  76.   Whisper of Death
  77.   Fantasies
  78.   In Screams
  79.   What I've Always Wanted
  80.   Space Oddity

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