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Kodo is a Japanese group that has become an international phenomenon, based on the island of Sado, that has taken the world by storm with their new stylings on semi-traditional taiko drumming. Founded in 1981, the group's name has dual meaning; according to the group, it translates both to "heartbeat -- the primal source of all rhythm," and "children of the drum, a reflection of Kodo's desire to play their drums simply, with the heart of a child." The group spends one-third of an average year touring in Japan, one-third touring the rest of the world, and one-third in rigorous workouts in their village on Sado. They have toured in all continents except Antarctica in their attempts to spread world peace via the messenger of music. Among their projects, aside from straightforward taiko performances, are a collaboration with new age synthesizer genius Isao Tomita for Nasca Fantasy, instructing the über-eclectic Cirque du Soleil in taiko for their own performances, the soundtrack for The Hunted, and a yearly "Earth Celebration" festival on Sado for percussionists from around the world to attend. They are ambassadors of peace through music and the current top bearers of the living art form of taiko drumming. ~ Adam Greenberg
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  1.   Song
  2.   Yumi-Ga-Hama
  3.   Zoku, for taiko ensemble
  4.   Kuyurage, for taiko ensemble
  5.   Yu-Karak II
  6.   Strobe's Samurai Dub
  7.   Strobe's the Hunted
  8.   Sankan-Shion
  9.   Sange
  10.   Ibuki
  11.   Shake, for taiko ensemble
  12.   Kenbai
  13.   O-Daiko (Big Drum)
  14.   Hyoshigi/Kono Mine
  15.   Nanafushi
  16.   Lion
  17.   Lakota
  18.   Chonlima Motofumi
  19.   Floor, for taiko ensemble
  20.   Psychopomp
  21.   Wataru
  22.   Okesa Prayer
  23.   Song of the Universe
  24.   Jang-Gwara
  25.   Kirina's Theme
  26.   Bill Laswell's Nanafushi
  27.   Ibuki Reconstruction
  28.   Akabanar
  29.   Miyake
  30.   Bolero
  31.   Yatai Bayashi
  32.   Akabanah
  33.   Trodori
  34.   Tomoe
  35.   Ao-Ki Kaze (Wind from the Steppes)
  36.   Ektal
  37.   Zoku
  38.   Transmission
  39.   I Love U
  40.   Too Dark Tonight
  41.   Remember Me
  42.   Affirmative Action
  43.   Kiyari
  44.   Mogura (Jungle Mole)
  45.   One Moment featuring Migle
  46.   Strobe's Nanafushi (Satori Mix), for taiko ensemble
  47.   Lion, for taiko ensemble
  48.   Kyosui (O-daiko), for taiko ensemble
  49.   Encore: Nami Ni Saku Hana/Sado E/Hatijyo/Kiyari
  50.   Daraijin
  51.   Maracatu
  52.   Kyoshi
  53.   Toki No Koe
  54.   Hunted
  55.   Nobi
  56.   Strobe's Satori Beats
  57.   Bill Laswell's the Hunted
  58.   Wax On
  59.   Kevin Yost's Deep & Ethnic Mix
  60.   Strobe's Nanafushi
  61.   Monochrome
  62.   Bird Island
  63.   Shake Shake
  64.   Smile by Coranny
  65.   Biei (Ethereal Flow), for taiko ensemble
  66.   Enough
  67.   Oya y Ogun
  68.   One Moment by Sound Dizturber's
  69.   Kazauta
  70.   Irodori, for taiko ensemble
  71.   Sado E
  72.   The End
  73.   Berimbau Jam
  74.   Berimbau Jam, for percussion ensemble
  75.   Wax Off
  76.   Sunayama
  77.   Inteligente's Nobi
  78.   Sing, Sing, Sing
  79.   Niji No Nagori (Rainbow Traces)
  80.   Ibuki, for taiko ensemble
  81.   Kashira
  82.   Furyu
  83.   Gezan-Bayashi
  84.   A-Son-Ja-O
  85.   Michi
  86.   The Secret of Basement Room
  87.   Echo Bells
  88.   Strobe's Nanfushi

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