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Kotchy is an electro-pop singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and remixer from Brooklyn who generated buzz on the Internet prior to making his album debut in 2009. Born Chad Curlow and originally from Indianapolis, he launched his musical career in Brooklyn, where at first he performed as the drummer of the Epochs, a local band. On his own, he billed himself as Kotchy (a name given to him by his grandmother) and released a series of EPs and free downloads in association with the labels Civil Music in London and Seclusiasis in Philadelphia. The early EPs include She Made It Easy (2008), Sing What You Want (2008), I'd Have to Be High (2009), and Le Passion, Yo! (2009), the latter a collaboration with rapper Shunda K of the group Yo Majesty. These early EPs, along with a bounty of freely downloadable MP3s that circulated in the music blogosphere, generated ever-increasing buzz about Kotchy. Comparisons were drawn between Kotchy and contemporary pop stars such as Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, and Beck, among others, and writers went to great lengths to categorize his genre-bending musical style, which draws from glitchy electronica and hip-hop in terms of production as well as pop, R&B, and rap in terms of songwriting. A high-profile remix of the Tricky single "Council Estate" (2008) also generated buzz about Kotchy. He made his full-length debut in 2009 with 89, a wide-ranging album that features most of his previously released singles. ~ Jason Birchmeier
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  1.   Song
  2.   Three Lonely Girls
  3.   Check Out My Keychain by Débruit
  4.   Check out My Keychain
  5.   Track 16
  6.   A Superstar
  7.   Raise Your Eyebrows
  8.   One for the Money
  9.   Blood and Tongue
  10.   Sing What You Want by MRK1
  11.   She Made It Easy
  12.   One For The Money by Bd1982
  13.   Party Your Blues Away (feat Benni E) by Benni
  14.   She Made It Easy by Reso
  15.   She Made It Easy by Drums of Death
  16.   Shake
  17.   Holla
  18.   A Superstar by Hrdvsion
  19.   Same as It Never Was
  20.   A Superstar by The Silent Jeff
  21.   String Vinyl Bell
  22.   Sing What You Want
  23.   Pay Me
  24.   Check Out My Keychain by The Chap
  25.   Gonna Have to Wait
  26.   Check Out My Keychain by Dev79
  27.   One For The Money by Starkey
  28.   You Can Have Me Right Now
  29.   Falling in Love
  30.   Sing What You Want by Rusko
  31.   Check Out My Keychain by Eclectic Method

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