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The Savannah, Georgia-based Kylesa are, fundamentally, a metal group, but they are otherwise difficult to categorize: elements of hardcore punk, psychedelic stoner rock, technical speed metal, and good old-fashioned Black Sabbath sludge appear in their music. Also, with a front line consisting of three very different singers instead of a single focal point, Kylesa have a musical variety lacking from many of their more monochromatic peers. Kylesa formed in Savannah in 2001, taking their unusual name from "kilesa mara," what Buddhist teachings term demons of defilement and delusion. Guitarist and singer Phillip Cope and bassist Brian Duke were former members of the Savannah grindcore act Damad, which had released two albums in the '90s; the original lineup was completed with the addition of guitarist and singer Laura Pleasants and drummer Brandon Baltzley. After the release of a single and a split EP with Memento Mori, sessions for Kylesa's debut album were tragically cut short when Duke died during an epileptic seizure. Replacing Duke with bassist and singer Corey Barhorst, the band completed its self-titled debut, released in late 2002. More singles and a placeholder EP, 2004's No Ending 110 Degree Heat Index, followed before Kylesa signed with the indie metal label Prosthetic Records and released their second proper album, To Walk a Middle Course, in 2005. Following the release of that album, Baltzley left the group, replaced by a pair of drummers, Jeff Porter and Carl McGinley. Kylesa's third album, Time Will Fuse Its Worth, was released on Halloween 2006, followed by Static Tensions in 2009. The following year, Kylesa dove even deeper into the psychedelic waters they'd been exploring with Spiral Shadow, which arrived on Season of Mist. The trend continued on their more melodic and expansive sixth album, 2013's Ultraviolet. But Cope and Pleasants never stopped writing. They stockpiled riffs, melodies, and production ideas before embarking on a grueling bout of touring that would last into 2014. When the pair reentered the studio, it was with new drummer Carl McGinley. They delved into their stash for source material. In July of 2015, they announced the imminent release of the album The Exhausting Fire with first single "Lost and Confused." Recorded at the Jam Room in Columbia, South Carolina and produced by Cope, the set compiled and compounded virtually every sound that Kylesa had explored on earlier records as well as some new ones. The Exhausting Fire was issued on October 2. ~ Stewart Mason
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  1.   Song
  2.   Only One
  3.   To Walk Alone
  4.   Rose in the Mouth by Cream Abdul Babar
  5.   Troy:Sailor by Cream Abdul Babar
  6.   Distance Closing In
  7.   Low Tide
  8.   Spiral Shadow
  9.   Curse of Lost Days, The II by Cream Abdul Babar
  10.   Drum Jam
  11.   Where the Horizon Unfolds
  12.   Paranoid
  13.   Crusher
  14.   Grounded
  15.   Unspoken
  16.   End Truth
  17.   Dust
  18.   Crowded Road
  19.   Cheating Synergy
  20.   Cocaine Pinata by Cream Abdul Babar
  21.   Perception
  22.   Unknown Awareness
  23.   Drop Out
  24.   Quicksand
  25.   Moving Day
  26.   Inward Debate
  27.   Almost Lost
  28.   Curse of Lost Days, The III by Cream Abdul Babar
  29.   To Forget
  30.   Outro
  31.   Between Silence and Sound
  32.   Back and Forth
  33.   Motion and Presence
  34.   What Becomes an End
  35.   Shatter the Clock
  36.   Hollow Severer
  37.   The Warning
  38.   Falling
  39.   Scapegoat
  40.   Blood Moon
  41.   Steady Breakdown
  42.   Intermission
  43.   Interstellar Overdrive
  44.   Identity Defined
  45.   Insomnia for Months
  46.   In Memory
  47.   Curse of Lost Days, The IV by Cream Abdul Babar
  48.   Phantoms
  49.   Train of Thought
  50.   Said and Done
  51.   Drained
  52.   Eyes Closed From Birth
  53.   Night Drive
  54.   Drifting
  55.   Inverse
  56.   Bottom Line II
  57.   Running Red
  58.   Exhale
  59.   Intro
  60.   111 Degree Heat Index
  61.   We're Taking This
  62.   Shaping the Southern Sky
  63.   Welcome Mat to an Abandoned Life
  64.   Fractured
  65.   Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
  66.   Wavering
  67.   Ignoring Anger
  68.   Curse of Lost Days, The I by Cream Abdul Babar
  69.   Paranoid Tempo
  70.   Crashing Slow
  71.   What Does It Take
  72.   Out of My Mind
  73.   Shiss by Cream Abdul Babar
  74.   Don't Look Back
  75.   Vulture's Landing
  76.   Growing Roots
  77.   Lost and Confused
  78.   Nature's Predators
  79.   Pain and Suffering by Victims
  80.   Bass Salts
  81.   Forsaken
  82.   Long Gone
  83.   Bottom Line
  84.   Tired Climb
  85.   Curse of Lost Days, The V by Cream Abdul Babar
  86.   No Remorse
  87.   Ceaseless Becoming
  88.   The Scarab
  89.   Point of Stillness
  90.   Testing the Good of Man
  91.   Descend Within
  92.   Dream of the Freedom to Come
  93.   Parent's Song
  94.   No Ending
  95.   A 100° Heat Index
  96.   Delusion on Fire
  97.   Clutches (Nausea)
  98.   Left to Stawrve
  99.   DVD
  100.   III Degree Heat Index
  101.   Grouded

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