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Mixing synth pop, shoegaze, and indie pop into a sound all their own, Ladytron formed in mid-1999. Keyboardists/programmers Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu settled in Liverpool after a spate of traveling and DJ work in Japan. They began work on their first single, "He Took Her to a Movie," which was recorded for 50 pounds. With vocals by guest Lisa Eriksson, the release brought a wave of critical acclaim, which the band took advantage of with a tour throughout the continent before beginning work on their debut EP, 2000's Commodore Rock. They met Bulgarian Mira Aroyo that summer, who became their vocalist, while Helen Marnie, who sings and plays keyboards for the group, also joined them. The studio full-length 604 followed a year later, and garnered many positive reviews. 2002 saw the release of the more polished Light & Magic and the mix album Softcore Jukebox. The group returned in the summer of 2005 with the Sugar single, which heralded the rock edge of Ladytron's third album, Witching Hour. Extended Play, which featured remixes of Witching Hour's singles, arrived the following spring. Ladytron moved to Nettwerk for their fourth album, the harder-edged Velocifero, which they produced themselves. Their fifth album, 2011's Gravity the Seducer, returned them to their synth pop roots. ~ Stacia Proefrock
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  1.   Song
  2.   Destroy Everything You Touch
  3.   International Dateline
  4.   Altitude Blues
  5.   Aces High
  6.   Cmyk
  7.   Ghosts
  8.   Ace of Hz
  9.   Another Breakfast With You
  10.   Runaway
  11.   Playgirl
  12.   90 Degrees
  13.   Seventeen
  14.   Tomorrow
  15.   Turn It On
  16.   He Took Her to the Movie
  17.   Tesla
  18.   The Lovers
  19.   Sugar
  20.   [Untitled Track]
  21.   Discotraxx
  22.   Kletva
  23.   Nothing to Hide
  24.   Re: Agents
  25.   Evil
  26.   Black Plastic
  27.   Flicking Your Switch
  28.   The Way That I Found You
  29.   He Took Her to a Movie
  30.   Ritual
  31.   Moon Palace
  32.   White Elephant
  33.   Versus
  34.   Deep Blue
  35.   Predict the Day
  36.   They Gave You a Heart, They Gave You a Name
  37.   Burning Up
  38.   Black Cat
  39.   Beauty*2
  40.   Weekend
  41.   The Last One Standing
  42.   Amtv
  43.   Soft Power
  44.   High Rise
  45.   Blue Jeans 2.0
  46.   Nuhorizons
  47.   Startup Chime
  48.   Cracked LCD
  49.   Blue Jeans
  50.   Jet Age
  51.   Ladybird
  52.   This Is Our Sound
  53.   Mu-Tron
  54.   Commodore Rock
  55.   Miss Black
  56.   Paco!
  57.   Olivetti Jerk
  58.   Holiday 601
  59.   White Gold
  60.   Mirage
  61.   Ambulances
  62.   Little Black Angel
  63.   Season of Illusions
  64.   I'm Not Scared
  65.   Tender Talons
  66.   Citadel
  67.   Whitelightgenerator
  68.   All the Way
  69.   Fighting in Built Up Areas
  70.   USA vs. White Noise
  71.   True Mathematics
  72.   Skools Out
  73.   Cska Sofia
  74.   Zmeyka
  75.   Cease2xist
  76.   I'm With the Pilots
  77.   Laughing Cavalier
  78.   Fire
  79.   Light & Magic
  80.   The Reason Why
  81.   Destory Everything You Touch

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