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Land of Talk

Land of Talk features Elizabeth Powell (vocals/guitar), a former punk who got her start playing her own anti-folk anthems on the local scene of Guelph, Ontario, during her mid-teens. Upon her college years, with stints playing with the Aaron Riches Nuclear Family Band and the Valentines behind her, Powell set her sights on a solo career in the late '90s. While gigging in and around Ontario and Quebec, she met bassist Blake Markle and a friend of his, drummer Bucky Wheaton, and they formed Land of Talk in 2005. By the time the band recorded its 2006 debut album, Applause Cheer Boo Hiss (which bore influences such as PJ Harvey, Dinosaur Jr., and Sonic Youth), Tim Kramer had taken over bass duties. More lineup changes followed in 2007, with Kramer and Wheaton leaving Land of Talk and bassist Chris McCarron and drummer Eric Thibodeau joining. The band landed on Saddle Creek for its second-full length, 2008's Some Are Lakes, which showed off a more eclectic, melodic approach and production by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. For Land of Talk's 2010 album, Cloak and Cipher, Powell -- who wrote the album's songs while recuperating from a problem with her vocal cords -- was joined by two new bandmates, bassist Joseph Yarmush and drummer Andrew Barr, as well as members of Stars, Arcade Fire, and the Besnard Lakes. The band's fourth LP followed a four-year break from music by leader Powell provoked by exhaustion, lost demos, and family illness. Marking a change in direction, its sound was inspired by music that aided her father's recovery from a stroke, including ambient, classical, and Japanese music for the traditional stringed instrument the tonkori. Arriving in the spring of 2017 via Saddle Creek, Life After Youth featured production by John Agnello and performances by Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, Sharon Van Etten, and the Besnard Lakes. ~ MacKenzie Wilson
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Land of Talk

Top Songs by
Land of Talk

  1.   Song
  2.   Heartcore
  3.   Some Are Lakes
  4.   Quarry Hymns
  5.   Sixteen Asterisk
  6.   Give Me Back My Heart Attack
  7.   Street Wheels
  8.   World Made
  9.   Hamburg, Noon
  10.   Goaltime Exposure
  11.   Better and Closer
  12.   As Me
  13.   Troubled
  14.   Got A Call
  15.   Corner Phone
  16.   Death By Fire
  17.   Summer Special
  18.   Magnetic Hill
  19.   Spiritual Intimidation
  20.   What Was I Thinking?
  21.   Inner Lover
  22.   Dark Nature Places
  23.   2 Ships
  24.   The Hate I Won't Commit
  25.   Swift Coin
  26.   May You Never
  27.   Young Bridge
  28.   It's Okay
  29.   The Man Who Breaks Things (Dark Shuffle)
  30.   Yuppy Flu
  31.   Speak to Me Bones
  32.   Sea Foam
  33.   Breaxxbaxx
  34.   Lossless
  35.   Color Me Badd
  36.   Loving
  37.   Yes You Were
  38.   All My Friends
  39.   In Florida
  40.   Playita
  41.   This Time
  42.   Macabre
  43.   Blangee Blee
  44.   Cloak and Cipher
  45.   A Series of Small Flames

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